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She is Rubenesque and collect change while I play Dvorak,-

Had you heard me at the fair playing Humoresque

You might think there is something fine about my help:

She is the woman with beard and from the county Cork.

Despite her girth she is nothing more than Rubenesque. 


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The other day I traipsed my way to the bank and said

‘I made my first million with you ,Why am I then in the red?’

‘Oh sir, dear sir,’ cried the banker red in the face, ’The villain

Isn’t the color but long over dues, Oh sir, you owe us billion’.

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If I were the king of sausages Id’ certainly balk

At such sawdust and lard that add to their bulk;

No, I shalln’t do a thing but sing to this refrain :

My subjects go the whole hog for honor but in vain.

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The mannequins made pirouettes along parquetry

Wafer thin their finery that rustled in all glory;

Had I such lissome languid line of goods,Oh despair

I shall move the earth to add weight, and fix my hair.


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