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A country mouse by name Joe Krone went to preach the gospel of good news. Only news that he could tell happily was that the mice in the town could contribute generously to the poor country mice. The town mouse by name Ch.Oral Roberts wondered how a mouse  who cut off the hands of the believers and made their children fight with rockets and assault rifles could clap hands and say’ Praise the Lord Cat’ The country mouse defended himself saying his life was the best because poverty of the country side made him and his brethren look up for fresh manna and land flowing with honey and milk. Pastor Roberts was astounded. Ch.Oral and Krone went hand in hand to find out whether any other mouse could tell the good news better than they. Indeed they came across Pope Weasel who said his Holy See was the best. He showed the pomp and pleasure palaces built for servants of Lord Cat.  Krone asked His Holiness,‘Why these mice are in purple?’

The Pope gave a shudder. ‘It is Friday and they want no fish but arrange a cross dress for their midnight service. That night the two mice were shocked and wondered how the congregation of mice could tolerate the wicked ministers of the Lord Cat.

Next morning they had an audience with the Pope. They cried and said, their spirits were sad because of all the nonsense that went on.’Oh your holiness, Why can’t you throw these wicked ministers in purple?’

The Pope smiled sadly and said, ‘I am a weasel but these mice will not change a thing and they are too many in numbers’.

The Country Mouse suggested, ‘May be you can sell all these gold and silver and donate to us in the country. We have needy brethren.’

‘Oh no,’ the Pope said with a shudder,’I cannot spend a dollar without getting the permission of my Secretary general. He is a nasty cut throat.’ Oral and J. Krone pressed harder to no avail. “Give us all. For a good cause. We shall call it Church of Zion’ The Pope went white with fear,’ At least I get to wear my mitre and white shoes. If I join with you shall not even leave my tail to my body.’ The Pope scurried away.

Joseph Krone, the country mouse said,’There goes a prisoner of conscience.’

Ch.Oral the town mouse said,’It is time to part. I want to found a new Home for retired Popes.’

Krone said, ‘I want to arrange a great Revival meeting in the dust bowl.’ 


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Our social skills necessitated a larger volume of brain. In order to be efficient the brain requires various inputs than its mere physiology would entail. A fetus can distinguish inflections of sounds and distinguish anger and soothing words without seeing the world of the grown ups. Even so the baby can only speak much later. Hearing is not speaking. Different areas in the brain need to be put in place to do the various functions properly.

 Earliest way of imparting much needed skills in hunting was no different from the manner birds teach their young to fly. We note upon closer observation eagles and other birds of prey begin with demonstrating the art of flying to their chicks. Slowly they approach it by pushing chicks from their secure perch and giving them confidence by flying with them. They never force their chicken unless they are certain that they are ready to use their wings. Whereas we find modern parents push the toddlers to fulfill their expectations that are more often not realistic. Progress demands many social changes and technology expects parents to be at beck and call of the demands of the market. So parents are driven to give quality time instead of letting nature take a hand in the maturing of children. Thus progress driven technology sends its slipstream to social changes as well.

Tiger moms who drill their six year olds to be piano prodigies may have them acquire mechanical skills by sheer dint but are they getting benefit of the glorious music they play as were by rote?



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