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Palestine is an artery between Asia to Africa. Geography shaped its vital role in millennia and history of ancient civilizations brought its strategic importance into focus of world empires that later stepped into the center stage. Until the rise of Greece and Rome its destiny was shaped by rise and decline in fortunes around Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.Via Maris was as vital as Via Appia and one cannot fail to notice the reason why from the map given hereunder.


via maris

What does the map tell you? The coastline facing westward to Europe gave ancient Phoenicians a trade route to Greece and beyond. In the south it is linked to the Red Sea and to the Indian Ocean. To the east of Palestine lies Mesopotamia, land of the Euphrates and the Tigris. To the south Egypt, land of the Nile; to the north, the highlands of Hittite Anatolia; to the west, Cyprus and Aegean Isles.

Along the major axis of communication from north to south, intersected by Mesopotamia and Anatolia on the east and Egypt on the other  you can locate great cities Gaza, Meggido, Hazor. For control of these trade routes many military campaigns were waged. You can see how strategically important was Palestine by the names here. The Pharaohs were major players as well as kings of Assyria, Babylon, Persia and by Alexander the Great. In his wake came the emperors of Byzantium, the Arabs, the crusaders, the Mamelukes, the Turks. In the closing stages of WWI crucial thrust towards Damascus occurred here. Finishing off the ambitions of a moribund Ottoman Empire was a necessity for the Allies and it was a signal for yet new players to come to the scene.

Palestine in short though on the fringe of the western world could not escape the constant struggle for control  between major players from Africa and Asia especially.

(To be continued)          

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At the height of Rome one indefatigable traveler during his many travels saw an Inuit.  The native heard of the glory of Rome and at the end of palaver he asked the visitor: ‘Do the Romans get to see ice as I see about me?’

The wayfarer said it was a luxury only Caesar and a few senators could afford. The Inuit sadly shook his head and said,’Save me and my folks from the glory that you speak of.’


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What if you have signed a prenup agreement and your marriage bed has begun to smoke?

Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis, 39 a Long Island mother of three has become a postnuptial hero, after a prenup nearly cost her everything. In a landmark case she won an appeal overturning a bizarre premarital agreement with her millionaire husband. “This is a landmark decision that will likely be litigated a great deal in the future in similar cases for those who feel their prenups are unconscionable,” says Vicky Ziegler, celebrity divorce lawyer “This is unprecedented in the family law world.”

All the more remarkable is the fact she had no legal help worth an onion. “I won it because I pretty much did it myself,” Cioffi-Petrakis told Yahoo! Shine. “I had three prior attorneys who messed up my case big-time. And I was pretty much dead in the water until I got educated.” To win the case, Cioffi-Petrakis had to prove her husband was a louse who even gave those critters hiding within the woodwork a bad name.

In January, a judge ruled in Cioffi-Petrakis’s favor, finding that she had successfully proven what is called “fraud by the inducement” in a contract. To do that, Cioffi-Petrakis explained, she presented the court with “patterns of behavior” to show that Petrakis “was not honest when he made the promises.”

Moral of the story is this. Marriage is fulfilling requirements of love that is part biological and part spiritual. It is also a risk when two strangers decide to cast their lot and their vulnerable selves unprotected within a space of a marriage bed. There is no room for error. Prenup or not you have to face the music if one of the players want out.

A burning bed does none any good 


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