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Picture Book Illustration:Answer me

Why Did the Cow Jump over the Moon?

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Picture Book illustration-late supper
Just finished a picture book and here is a sample.

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I have a new webpage to showcase my illustrations. http://www.bennythomas1.weebly.com/

Please check it out,


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I will be taking time out for some serious reading, painting and other interests which have been kept in the back burner. So my readers, it was nice to post,- and I am thankful to WordPress for providing a platform, but now to my own things.. But man doesnot live by writing alone. So I may post if there is something worth posting. Ciao

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The quality of money is not strained:

Though passeth from its vaulted halls to sewers

where rats turn up profits

It is twice blessed.

By law of the land and labour

From the greatest to the least of the realm.

It becomes a fat cat to add more to fithy lucre:

Therewith he buys into the good life,-

His money buys knighthood with a stroke

Of the sacred sword. I wish it had instead

cleft the blackguard in twain for kingdom come! 


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This is a sample page. I am working towards getting the chapter book and a companion volume in comic strip format brought to the readers through a regular publishing house. Hence I may publish excerpts now and then.benny

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After Rembrandt-oldman with flowing beard

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