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Here is a news item from Scientific American : “Wormholes and entanglement—two of science fiction’s favorite concepts from modern physics—may in reality be two sides of the same coin, physicists say. The findings may offer a way to solve puzzling mysteries about black holes and perhaps help reconcile theories of gravity and quantum physics, which has been the dream of physicists since the mid–20th century.”

Suppose radiation given off by a black hole could be captured and then collapsed into a black hole, it shows ‘entanglement’. Would it not?

Entangled pairs of particles behave in a supersymmetric theory, which suggests that all known subatomic particles have their super partners. (Dirac established the most general theory of quantum mechanics and it is from his equation we have this notion of an antiparticle to each particle – i.e. the positron as antiparticle to the electron.) Without arriving at this notion by experimenting, -a fundamental creed of Science to solve a problem only by undeniable proof, Dirac worked out by unerring mathematical logic, only reliable tool at such quantum level.

From whence our thought working with abstract notions- but from the manner nature works checks and balances, can settle on a supposition that is later borne out to true? For example matter and anti-matter? Logic of mathematics demands existence of it super symmetry. Consequently do we not create world of opposites, children of light children of darkness, God, Satan etc., Is Supersymmetry of human thought its basis?

Entanglement of particles, once separated, can somehow “communicate” with each other instantly. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” “Spooky” quantum entanglement connects two particles so that actions performed on one reflect on the other.

Quantum entanglement could explain the behavior of particles and connect regardless of distance. William James in 1895 proposed a metaverse or multi-verse. In such a system what connects angels or for that matter aliens with us?(ack: LiveScience, wikipedia/dirac)

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NIKOLAI I. BUKHARIN (1888-1938) Russia


Political Theorist




Next to Lenin, Bukharin was the most intellectually gifted among the Russian revolutionary leaders of 1917, and his pre-revolutionary writings on imperialism and the State anticipated many conclusions Lenin arrived and acted upon. His works included Imperialism and World Economy Theory of Historical Materialism (an account of Marxist sociology ) and ABC of Communism (1921,co-authored byEvgenii Preobrazhensky) remain a vision of a Communist Utopia that never had a chance to get off the ground by political events at home. A growing personality cult around Stalin had obviated need for it.

Bukharin allied at first with Joseph Stalin in the mid-20s and took the mantle of Nestor in the coterie around the Georgian. His high visibility as ideological spokesman of Socialism was to prove his downfall. In 1928-29 his *gradualist, pro-peasant economic policy collapsed he rejected Stalin’s solution of collectivization and allied with Trotsky-Zinoviev. His fall from power was complete with his liquidation in 1938. One glimmer of his immense talent wasted may be seen in 1936 Constitution, much of it was written by him but the democratic promise Soviet socialism would be negated by political and international events and the threat of Nazism.


Bukharin’s economic policies became more conservative as necessary to reap the fruit of revolution of 1917: his policy of gradualism was his belief that socialism in the Soviet Union could evolve only over a long period of gestation. His agricultural policies were also controversial. Bukharin’s theory was that the small farmers only produced enough food to feed themselves. The large farmers, on the other hand, were able to provide a surplus that could be used to feed the factory workers in the towns. To motivate the kulaks to do this, they had to be given incentives, or what Bukharin called, “the ability to enrich” themselves. From hindsight one may appreciate this idea was far ahead of the times.



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