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Eagles, especially Peregrine eagles catch with their feet.

Peregrine eagles descend at 350 km per hour.

Sustainability of Golden eagles requires a territory of 11x8miles. This is determined in terms of their nest, food resources and for brooding.

No wonder they fight each other for their territory against all other eagles.

Eagles would guards their territorial rights for generations unbroken that must be result of evolutionary legacy.

Golden eagles feed on hares, rabbits. Average I meter long beak to tail and 2m. Wing span. Diurnal hunters.

Vision is 21/2 times sharper than man’s . Eye to body ratio in a man would require eyes as big as oranges.They have binocular vision to measure the depth. Have binocular vision.

Mother warms the chicks by constant presence. Depends on males to bring food

If the female partner dies golden eagle male will find another.

*Kestrels are smaller are specialized to hunt by tracking urine of vol mouse-reflects ultray violet rays.

*Peregrine falcons wings 4 beats per second.

In the busy cities they scare away rooks and pigeons.

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