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A Change of Scene

Mulla Nasruddin after the period of mourning on the death of his wife wanted a change of scene. He visited some shrines of saints and came to know two merchant princes and each wanted Mulla to accompany him as his guest. He liked both but one lived in the direction of Peshawar while the other in Ajmir.

Mulla Nasruddin asked the one from Peshawar, ‘Do you recommend any saint in your parts who will let me talk to the dead?’

The merchant from Peshawar threw up his hands helplessly. The merchant from Ajmir laughed and said, ‘I know two saints still living who will let you talk to the dead. ’

Mulla apologized to the one from Peshawar for having to choose the hospitality of the merchant from Ajmir.’ I shall surely look you up just in case if I am not helped.’

 Sure enough Mulla was soon calling on the merchant at Peshawar and was received warmly by his host. One day scratching his head the merchant asked what was that he wanted to talk to the dead?’

Mulla answered that he thought of marrying again. He wanted to know if his dead wife minded.

Nasruddin said, ‘ In Ajmir she minded and she was quite cut up about it.’ With a shrug he added, ‘ If I ask her from Peshawar she might change her mind, who knows?’





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