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ONCE upon a time there were Three Bears, who lived together. Each had a pot for porridge, a chair to sit on and a bed to sleep. Each got benefits from the Great Spirit Yonder according to their size. Thus small Wee Bear got a small pot for his porridge which he hated because he was used to the bison meat that was no longer in the menu. The middle-sized Bear had a pot medium-sized but he hated porridge. ‘Why can’t I have some corn meal and salted herrings? He complained. The great Bear had a great pot and he loved porridge and he could not understand what was they griping for. One day they sat as usual for their breakfast. Their pots were taken away and instead given Big Mac with oversized slabs of meat in between. Did they love it? Oh lord no more they complained and they helped themselves to all the fat , dripping with corn starch syrup. After months on such 10,000 cal menu they walked a little more slow to their chair. Their belly was so round they did not see their chair. And when they went to sleep the bed collapsed under their weight.

Three bears were so changed that their brains made sluggish by diet craved for food supplied by the

Establishment. The Great Bear managed to croak before hit by a stroke, ‘Somebody has made a fortune in feeding us. Middle-sized Bear said, it was the fat in the hamburger.

Wee Bear said,’ Revenge of the bisons.’

The End

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Croc! -water color

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Dog-After Beth Heusen

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The India That Was-Cartoon
Clique: “How was she (Indira) this morning? Any sign of weakening?

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