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“A fast moving hurricane will have scant rainfall but its speed would be very high. A slow moving hurricane will have less wind speed but a heavy rainfall.” Strength of a man is in numbers. More the numbers are, his strength shall be bound by some rules so the weaker may get a little stronger. Success of Nations is in determining how much.

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The life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer bears out the surge of power by which consciousness and memory can make a sea-change in life of one and serve as a key to many others.
The young Albert once got into a fight and knocked down his opponent. The boy told Albert that it would have ended differently had he been as well nourished as he was. It evidently affected him. During supper that evening, he left his soup untouched.
It marked a definite break with his past and so did his sense of values. He became a caring person.
Even where he excelled in his intellectual achievements they were to be used in service of others. At 26 he had a triple Ph.D.
Whenever Dr. Schweitzer needed money during his stint in Africa he went on tour and gave concerts and talks. But what connects the son of a Lutheran pastor in upper Alsace to Congo?
As a child Albert had often wondered at a statue of a Negro, strong in body but head bowed and in chains. It made an impact on him. Of course the fight was the catalyst. It brought memory and impressions that he merely had guessed but not digested.

Of course one cannot discount the role of chance. What made Albert decide to become a medical Missionary was due to a Paris Missionary society report, which he came across as if by chance. Thereupon he settled for Lambarene, in the heart of Africa. Where mind of man is colored by collective memory, and his own experience, chance must, so it seems to me, lose some of its mystery.
In the italics I have referred to the impact of experience that keeps repeating or recycled each to his own time and place.
Quatrain #198
From first lump of the earth what was formed,
Man to his last in his kind did intend.

Angels that of the creation did sing
With the end of it in harmony bring.( Selected-The Illustrated Omar Khayyam)

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This species is also spelled graylag in the United States. Greygoose, Anser anser, is the largest and bulkiest of the wild geese native to the UK and Europe. This species is the ancestor of domesticated geese in Europe and North America and was in the pre-Linnean times known as the wild goose.
Within science, the greylag goose is most notable as being the bird with which the ethologist Konrad Lorenz first did his major studying into the behavioural phenomenon of imprinting.
The greylag has a rotund, bulky body, a thick and long neck, and a large head and bill. It has pink legs and feet, and an orange or pink bill. It is 74 to 91 cm (29 to 36 in) long with a wing length of 41.2 to 48 cm (16.2 to 18.9 in). It has a tail 6.2 to 6.9 cm (2.4 to 2.7 in), a bill of 6.4 to 6.9 cm (2.5 to 2.7 in) long.. It weighs 2.16 to 4.56 kg (4.8 to 10.1 lb). The wingspan is 147 to 180 cm (58 to 71 in).[Males are generally larger than females. The plumage of the greylag goose is greyish-brown, with a darker head and paler belly with variable black spots. It has a white line bordering its upper flanks.
It has a loud cackling call, HOOOOOONK!, like the domestic goose.

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This is one of the illustrations I have found no place in my proposed book The Illustrated Omar Khayyam.

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Quatrain #31
Like lute strings plucked your voice trills, and words
You intone give new meaning to the bards;
By your loveliness surround we may yet
Transported anywhere, a-winging like birds.

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“….But lost in a clamor of sects my mind
Can no more know than from a crack’d mirror.”(quatrain #92)

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benny  at 5

Between three scores and ‘leven
And five, there is a great sea-change,
Difference I cannot tell.
For day after night dogging my steps
Mum is the word.
Between decrepitude
And an infant the lay of the land-
Continents drift beneath the feet />
Difference I cannot tell.
Since the sun followed his rounds
And dream became real
Mum is the word.

In my time much water has flowed
between heaven and the earth
Difference I cannot tell
For something of dreams of another
Life as lived has become mine,
Neither for better nor worse
As I spent it all in whichever.
Day and night one after the other
Dogged my steps
Mum is the word.
If release should come I should be around
For sure as though I were a tweet
Retweeted from one age to another.

benny 71 jaar

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