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The Cosmic Tree suddenly stopped and lights went out. Silence broken by great flapping that shook its branches. The tree lurched from its base and two silhouettes could be seen. Two giant ravens black as hell and eyes glowing with out of the world fires.
One raven, “what think you belong here?” The other: “I am the thing itself, The Being.”
“ I am its Thought. The first raven, “What Thought?”
The Raven“ I think Caribou.” A steady murmur overtook the tree. Soon it was like a pneumatic drill going on and light dimming and brightening. The second raven looked around to see the base slowly showing a silhouette, that of a colossal Caribou!


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According to runic writings the Antler-men trace their origin from a Cosmic Tumbleweed that came drifting into space that had no beginning. Time was not counted in those times. Eons of time passed it was a colossal tree that floated hardening and pulsating-
It seemed to have acquired a life of its own. Dust and gas flaring in eerie lights made the extremities reach out as it was in throes of some labor pain. Slowly a conflagration of starlight bathed it in light. Ages passed the monstrous shape also was shaping itself scattering pods. ‘Snap’ shot out seeds in colors only to disappear into inky darkness.
Eons later the tree settled in that void a living thing. Light pulsating as though it were signal for things to come.

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