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How we store information and how the universe does is altogether different. We construct a three dimensional world from our senses and in our balance (we must thank our ear canal* for that) we test the earth is as solid under our feet and we naturally accept their inputs as proof. We have our being in the universe of our making. It is an illusion.

In an experiment conducted recently using a holometer Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois would indicate of a 2D world.. This holometer consists of two high-intensity laser beams — beams that are roughly equivalent to 200,000 laser pointers — that are split using a beam splitter. When these beams are sent back to the splitter it moves slightly causing the beams brightness to fluctuate. What would that mean? It simply means that space is continually vibrating, sort of like a wave — a 2D wave, to be exact — and the splitter is being carried along space’s constant jitter. This new experiment ought to to alter our perception of space.

“For thousands of years we have assumed that space is made of points and lines,” said Craig Hogan, director of Fermilab’s Center for Particle Astrophysics, in email to The Verge. But “maybe that is not right — it might be made of waves, the way that matter and energy are.”

For all we know, the three dimensional world we see around us is really an illusion — one that’s actually in 2D. information about our universe is stored on tiny two dimensional particles, ones that are about 10 trillion times smaller than an atom. “If you think about reality as a giant computer, that’s all there is. The total information [it can contain] is finite,” Hogan said. “Ultimately, it will be a fundamental limit on what we can ever measure, think or do.”

If we do live in a 2D world, there’s no telling how that might affect human life. “Einstein’s theory of space-time is now coded into everyone’s smart phone, but that took almost 100 years,” Hogan said. So for now, the researchers prefer to focus on the task at hand: analysing fluctuations in returning light. Altering how humans understand the universe will come later, if at all. “We should know within a year or so if the effect is really there.” (ack: the Verge.)

*In the inner ear, the balance system consists of three semicircular canals that contain fluid and “sensors” that detect rotational movement of the head.


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Bruno loves Crispies

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In reading Benny Thomas’ quatrains I was struck by the presence of the nectar of grace in his poetry,whose scent through a process of spiritual alchemy permeates the mystical presence in the Rubāiyyāt. As Thomas puts it “the soul of the Persian astronomer-poet still speaks to us. So does Edward Fitzgerald…” Mehdi Aminrazavi the author of The Wine of Wisdom: the Life, Poetry & Philosophy of Omar Khayyam

Professor of Philosophy and Religion

University of Mary Washington

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The Poet and the Muse

O Muse bless this verse half express’d

By soul and rounded off by life:

You who know soul’s language

Spoken where senses are of no use

And no loom can decipher dreams,

Luminous be your grace, Oh accept my plea:

Unless you touch words with pen cut

From the reeds grown in sunless clime

The poet trots the words and none the wiser.


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