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I have come to a point writing any new quatrains would not add to my development as a writer. There are other facets that need my attention. I shall henceforth be focusing on them. Of course I shall keep inserting the sale of my books every now and then in my posts.



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Every now and then some science news story will hit the press: giant asteroid could wipe out life on Earth! Nearby supernova could kill us all! Solar flares could destroy civilization! Geomagnetic reversal! Rogue black holes! And on and on. The latest doomsday news to hit the press stems from a claim by Stephen Hawking that the existence of the Higgs boson means that the universe could spontaneously collapse at any moment. Game over, Man! Game over!

The Doomsday scenario starts with a long-known property of quantum mechanics, that quantum systems don’t always have to settle in their most stable configuration. They can instead find themselves in a locally stable state (known as a metastable state). It is like fugitives from law can always stay put in a stranger’s home keeping members of the family hostage. Not for long though. Such is the weirdness of quantum state. Like man it can function in low and energy levels.

The discovery of the Higgs field is like a key to test what is the state of our universe. The universe as a quantum system is in a stable, low-energy state It could also be in a metastable higher energy state. One may ask. ¬†How do they change to a lower energy state? It is through spooky science through quantum tunneling? Of course by the same process it is also possible that if you run toward a wall the atoms in your body will quantum tunnel through the wall and you’ll find yourself on the other side. (The chances of that actually happening is negligible at best.) If that happened, the universe would collapse and we’d all go bye bye. Of course if the universe were too stable, that could lead to other problems, such as the idea that we are actually just Boltzmann brains. (ack:

Brian Koberlein-Physics.org of Sept.10,14)


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