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An Indian student who travelled to Iraq to join the Islamic State group has returned home disillusioned after jihadists made him clean toilets and do other menial jobs.

This is nothing by way of news coming from Middle East roiling under radical version of Islam. As Prophet envisioned it is a religion of peace. But by some curious contradiction,- the fault must surely lay with the manner the precepts of the glorious prophet are implemented. Surely those who lay down religious laws and political laws must bear some blame. You see their mindset from below.

Thousands of workers from Asia are recruited by touts for the Gulf and they are promised drink from gold basins and splurge on fat of the land. Only when they land in Saudi Arabia or Qatar they have to surrender their passports. ‘By Allah it is law of the land’ reply the agents and having taken cut from the worker and his employer he disappears. Does the migrant worker get the perks, salary and work conditions he is promised in the first place? Does he get to work in safety and free hours from toil? Oh no  he has to shovel in the inhuman conditions while the big fat cats are lolling in gold plated bath tubs. Slowly it begins to dawn on the migrant workers that the touts were only right in parts. The promised drink from gold basin is the soapy bath water; instead of splurging on fat of the land they are eating their bread of sorrow while the stable for goats is air-conditioned and goats are treated with respect. I dare to think that paradise as promised by Jihadists is no different from the manner workers are shortchanged at every level in Gulf countries. The radical change of present political governments with the Caliphate will be no different. Promise of sweeping old way of governing in practice will be cleaning up their mess.


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