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Europe  stands for press freedom. Where does Turkey stand: only recently Erdogan government seized Zaman that has the biggest circulation and noted for anti-government stance. Under the high handed treatment the hapless newspaper has become pro-government  overnight!

Corruption charges against Erdogan and his family likewise was dealt with that one might suspect here we have the pre-war Sickman of Europe in relapse. The anodyne of Secularism will not do for him and lately he was accused of colluding with IS and despite the fighting mettle of Kurds saving thousands of Yazidi minorities, the Turkish government was accused of firing on their positions in Syria. I suppose EU in their wisdom know what they are doing. For me this dalliance with Turks reminds me of the expression Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The cartoon here shows EU negotiating between Syrian migrant crisis and one whose credentials are dubious and promises of little worth.  EU-TurkeyThe EU and Turkey say they have agreed the broad principles of a plan to ease the migration crisis at a summit in Brussels. Turkey wants to be inducted into the EU.


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My life is some smoke on the rise

Past the crowded cityscape, and up it goes;

Do I mind the wind’s whimsies?

No more than the trail of soot that I scatter

When all this pother dies down.


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