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Ac.1 Sc.4 lines:800-815

(The Duke of Albany’s Palace)

Sheikh al-Biruni:

my Lord, I am guiltless, as I am ignorant

Of what mischief I caus’d.



It may be so, Oh Sheikh

Hear O hear, hear Lord of three worlds

Suspend thy purpose, if thou didst intend

To make this kingdom fruitful.

Into her wealth convey sterility;

Dry up her wells, dry up in their outflow;

And from her palm fringed soil never spring

A tribe to honour her! If she must teem,

Create her child a zero, that he may live

And be a bone ever stuck in her gullet,

Let he stamp wrinkles in her brow of youth,

And cadent tears cause mothers to mourn:

For the house of bandits dispenses law and

Has done away the tender greens with the sere;

With lashings and highhandedness of impiety

Vile are the guardians of stone and hollow word.

Yet police they highways and by ways

Their moral purpose null, and void the article of law :

Oh hear let them be crushed under the weight

of sins thy have hoisted on all

With tainted bribes have devil’s service done.

Hear, O hear the Lord of three worlds

Let her learn her lesson but not benefit from it

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is

Trifle with laws from above, with her own. (Exit.)



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‘Jamie for once you brought me fresh bread. I owe you thanks.’

Thank, Grandma, Noddle for that. He came on a blue moon.’

‘Ah at least I live to eat bread fresh as it come’, said Grandma directly sitting down to dine.2.1.13

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