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God is the Lord of worlds visible and invisible.Whatever we may know of him is expressed which all creation consequently understands. It is axiomatic truth of his Being that in creating such a world his Power and wisdom in some measure is instilled in them. Consequently truth  doesnot solely belongs to man. Man has his own manner of expressing truth.  That is all.

Man is not in error if he describes God as the Father of lights. If he upholds the naure of light in his dealings with others he does well. He certainly blunders into improbabilities when he speaks of truth as expressed when it is not from Father of lights. By systematically following what truth he has laid hold of and not what expressed by God he shall only cause falsehood to triumph. He might at the point of gun say his religion  is peace but in practice it is clear to everyone it is hatred that his misguided trust in his own cleverness has established.

God is love. Truth of it can only be understood from love shown to all creatures.


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