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In that one-dog town the locals noticed Mulla Nasruddin and they were concerned. Each day he sat there a picture of woe.  Rumor mill went into overdrive and there were many theories as to his depression.  One lady consulted the local marriage broker and set her to work. In the coffee house local worthies were also as involved in helping the mulla. One day the populace descended on Mulla Nasruddin each one sporting a woebegone expression. They sat with him and for hours they showed their concern by such sad expression. After a couple of hours they were astounded  to see mulla laughing so loud. One said rather sternly,”what bad manners to display?” Another took up,”we are crying and,- we came with great trouble to ourselves to share your sorrow. Yet you laugh,making a mockery of our feelings!”

Mulla replied,”Be reasoable,friends! How can I cry with so many friends about?”

  1. Ignorance is a matter for crying but knowledge makes you laugh out.


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