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The US knew people were being “delivered for slaughter” during a political purge in Indonesia during the 1960s, declassified documents reveal.

At least 500,000 people were killed between 1965 and 1966, after the army and local Muslim militia went on a rampage following an attempted coup.

It was one of the worst massacres of the 20th Century, but, at the time, Washington remained silent.

But these newly released memos reveal they had detailed knowledge of events.

Here is another news from the Guardian

“Amnesty said some of the worst atrocities were committed in Min Gyi, or Tula Toli, a village according to the paper as the site of what appeared to be a brutal massacre after army forces swept through on 30 August.

Evidence all points to the same conclusion, it said: “hundreds of thousands of Rohingya women, men, and children have been the victims of a widespread and systematic attack, amounting to crimes against humanity.”

“In this orchestrated campaign, Myanmar’s security forces have brutally meted out revenge on the entire Rohingya population of northern Rakhine State, in an apparent attempt to permanently drive them out of the country.”

The world was silent while the Muslims committed atrocities in Indonesia. Did they think it will not boomerang on them because their Maker was delighted with their sacrifice?

Memory of life or positivism shall push the knife against butchers  no matter the place or time. Death of any by such callous interpretation whether it be ideology based on religion or on capitalism marxism to name a few, is an affront to humanity.  Memory of any helpless man bristling under such atrocity shall be fully repaid with interest in the way no man can settle why. You may ask why it is so impersonal? Man is created in the image of God. Any insult to him is insult to his Maker. You may not believe it. But history proves you wrong. You must be totally blind, deaf and devoid of sense to think God is disinterested of His kingdom


The Indonesian Army got their excuse to wipe out Communist movement in the land. Thereafter they took over Indonesia.  After Soekarno, a line of Army generals one after the other ran the country as if Indonesia were their fiefdom to siphon the wealth into their pockets.



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