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Dilemma of Youth


O dark days dare, e’en as I stare what future shape

Morn shall wrest from slag heap of sleepless night:

More tears from life I tread than press from grape.



Sodden youth grown sere before wherewithal

In fortitude,- wisdom girt with purpose

To his aid rush no matter what but call;



Oh no! life said yes, but then my resolve

Grates Hamlet like, whining against what must

A drunken night in hangover evolve.



Life is a journeyman’s romp taken by steps,

Finds some offer add and other detract ,-

But what is profit when death pulls all stops?


Why cavil life for wrong turns and blunder

If death is all that life earns hereafter ?



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“And Isaac intreated the Lord for his wife, because she(Rebekah) was barren…(Ge.25:21)”

Who was Isaac? He was the elect already in the eyes of God. God visited Abraham at a period of distress over Ishmael who was cast out by Sarah along with the lad’s mother. He had at the end assured the patriarch thus: ‘…In Isaac shall thy seed be called (Ge.21:12).’ It turned out later that Rebekah was infertile. Isaac intreats God for relieving her condition and we read that ‘the Lord was intreated of him and Rebekah his wife conceived.’ Predestination had settled on Isaac as the elect but his faith had to be nudged and raised to the level God required. Isaac interceded for his wife. Rebekah like Eve was brought into the promise through her association with Isaac. While the Spirit uses Eve as a forerunner of the Church, Rebekah prefigures Jerusalem ‘which is mother of us all,(Ga.4:26).’ In the case of two nations that struggled in her bowels we have one who shall be deemed the elect and the other left out church.

The Bride of Christ shall be made up of believers of both gentile and Jewish persuasion. A remnant of the nation of Israel shall be saved. Predestination is not merely made up of the entire nation of Israel but the elect but who made the calling and election sure.


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