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Since eight years I wrote this piece, much has happened. Stephen Hawking died recently without answering the crucial question w.r.t the Black Holes. It was a bold assertion of BH existing that did not let light escape. It threw up instead the Information Paradox and all hypotheses to solve it are theories; and in trying to settle that one Science may come up with yet another eye-popping discovery leading the Physicists in another direction. Science is trying to find Truth like fundamental particles that are gone in a split second. What Truth can that be? Science looks from proof, reason for which lies elsewhere. God is Truth. That is the rub, Science looking from the wrong end of a manifestation, which we call effect shall not reach the cause from empirical evidences.

In order to explain sudden burst of energy available seconds after the Big Bang we had come up with Cosmological Inflation Theory. Between Cause and effect as we observe in visible universe, there is a no man’s land in between. In moral terms it is a cloud built over millennia like a garbage patch growing ever larger. Consider what a statesman declared at the end of WWI,- with all the good intentions of course, it was a ‘War to end all wars.’ But it produced a more terrible war WWII. How come? Cluster principle speaks of so many effects of human folly not having found a clean resolution shall form the third component between cause and effect. It applies in all human enterprises, Science included.-b

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Here I quote the latest news:

“LONDON – Did creation need a creator?

British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking says no, arguing in his new book that there need not be a God behind the creation of the universe.

The concept is explored in “The Grand Design,” excerpts of which were printed in the British newspaper The Times on Thursday. The book, written with fellow physicist Leonard Mlodinow, is scheduled to be published by Bantam Press on Sept. 9.

“The Grand Design,” which the publishers call Hawking’s first major work in nearly a decade, challenges Isaac Newton’s theory God must have been involved in creation because our solar system couldn’t have come out of chaos simply through nature.

But Hawking says it isn’t that simple. To understand the universe, it’s necessary to know both how and why it behaves the way it does, calling the pursuit “the Ultimate Question of…

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