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Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists. It is a microbiome I may disown but to no avail. My affluenza owes to it. Caravans may come from Honduras and their destination is northwards. President Trump is crying foul. He wants the army and the big guns to put an end to their onward march. If these poor huddled masses could raise the temperatures of well heeled Eastern folks even before they had come, what stuff is man made of? Fear is a strong emotion and the very idea  makes the Big Chief and his isolationist cronies cringe;  even their salads wilt on their plates. Tiny yes yet they do have power, you will have to agree.

Man can be broken up and the elements in his body be set into so many heaps. Man reduced to dollars and cents. Actual cost in dollars is what one carries in his shoes lest he should be mugged in some part of Kinky Town, he needs some pin money, you will have to agree.

Man  as an idea is a parasite within world of ideas and mostly what he seeks is the comfort of well worn cliches and ideas with which he can lord over the dunghill. Darwin’s ideas passed through Herbert Spencer, whose milk and water veins dilated and he said it was ‘survival of the fittest.’ It got the heads of nations thinking. So man must be tinkered with and his eugenics found votaries who burnt incense before their bleached unwashed bodies to sing a paean for their Aryan supremacy. In terms of ideas man is bit of mush, spud and cackle and bubble when they want to go on a rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia. Such mongrel race has nothing worth boasting over their color you will have to agree.

Think of man as fragmented as a crazy quilt stitched by hands suffering from delirium tremens. All that greed shows out of place for the fellows who are stealing, bluffing and cheating all for feeding microbiome that has no appreciation for it in the first place. His labour to cut a figure among such whitewashed walking sepulchers is ridiculous to the extreme, you will have to agree.


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