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King Shahzaman who loved nothing more than stay at home was on the road, for a day, traveling with a large retinue and baggage. He adored his elder brother while young and now his heart was in a whirl and was not sure how long absence would cause when they met. He was struck and realized he had left behind a gift a family heirloom that would bowl over his elder brother.
He stopped and cried ‘Halt!’
He ordered his party to camp there while he rode back to fetch the item. Being a good rider he was sure to get back soon without disrupting their travel plan. He rode off.

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A possible cover art

My version of the novel is different from the traditional story.
A magician picks up a child of 12 from the streets and leads him into a ruin. The boy is frightened at the sight of it for he fears that it is an abode for jinns. He is right. The magician is delighted and tells him that he is right for his purpose. He hands him clean plate, pours some powder and from a vial some liquid over it. He warns him to utter certain formula while fumes begin to rise. The boy does so and two figures appear. One is a Jinn and the woman is none other than Shehrzade who recites the story of the Tale of Two brothers and all the rest of it.

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