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Sam-Sam was always in the news. There was no escape. When he was born he was so tiny the doctor who brought him into the world said he was a marvel. The day he was brought home from the hospital all the newspapers in the province sent their reporters to report. “Sam-Sam is special!” said they all. The boy grew but never was he allowed to forget the fact: he was special. Whatever he did made news. ‘So tiny a baby as he must be kept in the news’, was the order which the Press Lords gave the newspapers. The editors in turn put a few reporters permanently to cover Sam-Sam who only wanted to live like every other.
Such a thing can be very cruel. While he did homework Sam-Sam thought one or two reporters waited outside his home to find out how he fared in solving maths. Their report came duly splashed across he city newspapers. Whenever his mother gave the boy an extra helping more than his brothers or bought him the latest gamebox it was of course reported by those newshounds who covered the homefront. They snooped around asking neighbors and the boy’s classmates for some juicy news. Such news made his brothers resentful and classmates envious of a celebrity in their midst. If he played tennis or swam it figured in newspapers under Sports section; Sam-Sam in short was a celebity.
But it went on adding its pressure on Sam-Sam.
Growing up Sam-Sam thought his fame was like a grit in his shoe. Whenever he wanted to play truant some one always took him by the hand to put him back in school. “Sam-Sam go back to your studies. You are special!”said they all. The day he was old enough to drink beer he would have liked go out with his friends to have some fun. But those reporters ever at his heels made him see red! Hardly one glass was downed some one took him by the hand and said,”You’re special. You’ve had enough.” Sam-Sam soon found he had no friends. Only a few reporters who followed him at all times. They were no friends of his, he was sure.
His friends tried to tell the city fathers to let Sam-Sam lead a normal life. “In the larger interests, no,” said they all. The worshipful Mayor gravely shook his head and said that the borough had invested so much in him. It was true. He was special who needed special care.
One morning. “So Sam-Sam you are special!” he asked himself while shaving in front of his mirror,”What will you do?” He made careful plans and he escaped! He went to the Capital and hid himself among ordinary people in pubs and in pool hall. One morning he realised to his horror his stock of medicine was over. So he went to buy some medicine which was very special. ‘Anyone who is in need of it must be very special’,thought the druggist. He alerted a few people who came back with the news. “It is what is tailor- made for one.” Sam-Sam could not believe he was found out. So easily.
Sam-Sam went over the channel to Tuscany where he could slum among so many vineyards and olive orchards. ‘A town which is not spoilt by modern conveniences must be special’, so he thought. He went to the dumping yard and picked out the largest vat he could find. He lived in it as if no care existed. He was carefree and rid of those pests who had earlier pried into his life.
One day he thought he will go to the market. Early morning he walked about stalls selling fresh produce from near-by villages. Before he could buy some turnips and carrots a police man collared him on suspicion. “You smell drunk and so early in the morning!”The law was clear. “I know you are someone that require special watching.” Sam-Sam went white all over.
He never thought he would be found out. As he was taken to the police station one stranger came to him and said, “Here is my card. I shall help you out.” Sam-Sam refused it naturally.
Just as he thought the law was most apologetic for having made a mistake. He was let off immediately. Sam-Sam was nevertheless disgusted. “There is no escape from these fellows.” He went to a desert. Why a desert? He knew nothing lived there. “As far as I can see nothing but rocks and sand.” But to live there with out water it was impossible. He looked around and saw a river at distance. He walked towards it.
Sam-Sam was tired. Instead of drinking he thought he will jump into the river and die. At that point out of nowhere a desert-dweller hastened to him to say, “the river on this side is shallow. I shall show you where it is very deep.” Sam-Sam felt his world crashing on him and he said,”You and your blasted help!” The fellow in strange clothes laughed till his stomach hurt and said,”No one has ever refused my help!Ho! Ho!” He stopped smiling when he saw him so furious. “Oh, You have come for your pearl.”He announced with a smile. Sam-Sam thought him mad. But out of his sleeves he produced a handgul pearls and make them disappear as though he was a conjuror. He explained he was an angel who was sent to find out how people lived their lives. He knew how travelers from all over the world came to pick black pearls which nowhere else on earth were found. He had made it his task to help them, he said. “I allow each traveler to take home one. With a broad smile he ended saying, “I know you have come for your share.”Before Sam-Sam could find words he took his hand to drag him to the spot.”I know a special person when I see one.” Sam-Sam shook himself violently free and swam to the safety of the opposite bank. He shouted,”You and your helping hand!”
No other traveler had ever refused a black pearl from him. Yes he was special. The angel in disguise shook his head, “Ways of man is indeed strange.”
The End

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Down the Memory Lane. Visit to Odense, 2004


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