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Meddling: Chinese or is it Russia?

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A man was walking hunched over as though reeling from a severe blow. He clutched however a valise tight as though his life depended on it. On the way he met one man who was in no better condition than he was. He was waiting for someone in the middle of nowhere.


Each one looked at other and they came together.
Then the first man with the valise opened up. He asked what was he there for.
“I sold dreams.”
“Dreams! Man with the valise could not believe. “You ought to be walking like a rooster and not as though hit on the head with a spade.”
The second man explained that he was there to meet a man who should be selling his life back.
“How will you know the man who can give you life back?”
Oh that is easy, said the second man, “ He shall have a valise. It is a peculiar valise. I can only tell you when I inspect it myself.”
The first man became very interested. No more slouch and his whole frame changed. Straightening up he said, “I have a bag. Such as sales people carry. Want to look at it?”
Second man looked at the man once over, from head to toe. “OK. Let have a look.” He held it out.
He peered into it and glanced at him curiously. Then he shot his hand into it.


He bent as far as he could and strangely his hand had come out through the bottom. He stood up and frowned, “It has no bottom.” Then he stood back and laughed. “So you are the one who is going to give me life back?”
The first man straightened up and said, “I waited here for you. I am Death and I collect.”
“With a valise having no bottom?” He laughed.
“Yes,” Death was in dead earnest. He added, “I shall not leave here. Either you or dreams you sell must fill in my valise.” They shook hands and waited.
The second man said sharply, “Don’t waste time. Give me life back.”
“You find a customer and I shall let you go.”
The man who sold dreams was in high spirits. “Aha!” He clapped hands, “I sell dreams!”
One salesman came by, “I sell the finest caviar. He opened a tin and showed its contents. “He rattled the names of all the rich and famous who have been his satisfied customers. “I sold all but one. The man who sells dreams said, “Can I sample it? ”
“So you can sell all my customers whose list is never ending.” The caviar salesman looked at him incredulous at first. He was not sure whether he was pulling his leg or not. He was not. “OK let me see your list. Then I shall decide.”
The man who sold dreams looked at Death who also had meanwhile transformed. Stranger still the landscape also had changed! He looked nattily dressed and a red Ferrari drew up by the kerb where he stood. The chauffeur put on his gloves to hand over from the back seat of the car a leather-bound ledger and gave to the man who sold dreams. He in turn let the caviar salesman examine it. He was impressed, “ Oh my God all those clientele I would give my left hand for!” He whistled, “I cooled my heels so long in their anterooms hoping for a five minute interview.” The caviar salesman wrung his hands and said, “I let you have my last sample and also do whatever you tell me.”
“Hop in his car. ” With alacrity he hopped in the flashy car and they drove off.
Oh boy there was no let up! The man who sold dreams was indeed busy. Men came in droves and ladies had their wish-list. How confidently he handled every request! Each one went off on cloud number nine! So much noise they created and the man who sold dreams looked still fresh as roses in bloom.
By sundown. He had done his day’s work and whom does he see but Death?
Death was slouching all the more and dragged his feet. He shuddered as if he had seen a ghost. He held out his valise and showed. It still was empty. “I am deadbeat, man,” he said. He gasped and coughed, “You sold more dreams that I could possibly carry. “I shall consider our bargain cancelled if you let me tag along”. The man agreed.
They walked on but the man who sold dreams walked as though he was the lord and master of all that he surveyed.


(Selected from The Wow-Wow Tales available through Amazon.Com/kindle illustrated in full color or b&w)

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