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Lately I have been annotating the Book of Revelation. I shall give here some of the features that are going to visit the earth.
Before leading the children of Israel under the charge of Moses God warned him,”By little and little I will drive them (nations)out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land (Ex.23:30)”While studying the Book of Revelation we need remember this principle.
Chastisement and purging of the earth do not mean total annihilation. Between trumpets sound there shall be period for nature to recover a little. Gods gifts and calling are irrevocable. One third of the population shall be destroyed.
Ch.8:8 When the first angel sounds a great mountain (asteroid) falls into the sea. Result of it we find in Ch.9:2 Smoke has no place to go. Thermal currents have been stopped by impact. Reason? This impact straightens tilt of the earth.
Locusts mentioned in Ch.9:4 are not allowed to hurt the green thing. They are forbidden to hurt the grass either. So what are they there for? Spiritual significance of locusts is that mental landscape of man would be blighted. We see it already happening. Could anyone have imagined this new normal in the US politics some 20 years ago? Events happening around us is such that these shall be the acceptable norm. Men shall be more beast-like than humans.
Jude.6 speaks of angels that did not keep their first estate were bund over for later judgment. Four of these angels bound in the Euphrates are loosed (Re.9:14).It is not exactly geographical location.
The Spirit uses the name Euphrates as a tag- the coordinates in GPS. Op center for angels is the bottomless pit. Similarly Magog and Gog are used in the same sense as Jerusalem (‘where also our Lord was crucified.’Sodom and Egypt’)(Re.11:7).

Re.9:15 speaks of the four angels being released for an hour, for a day, for a year. They are to slay one third of the population not all at one fell swoop but intermittently.

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