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Where shall my excess baggage go
When death sends my spirit as such
On a carousal beyond farthest reach?

My spirit has its sphinx-like riddle:
Never shall my lips tattletale carry,
My soul shall have his will.

No matter something of vision I leave
placid lakes mirror rolling face of heaven
It is as though I have come unbidden;

Well seek not where wind blows leaves
Plucked out of its nest by violence:
Consider it as though in remembrance
Done for one for whom death came by chance.


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Signs of our times alarmingly point to the realities of the world, nations each jockeying for peace and prosperity and for all sound and fury having neither to show and no assurance of light at the end of the tunnel. This inability must lead to desperate measures that nations shall adopt in future but for how long, can they hold on? And what we see now is beginning of the end. It shall break into a cataclysmic upheaval so the present world order shall change completely. Before I come to it here is a verse from the Bible to show there cannot be any effective pact between two persons antithetical to one other. “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? (2 Co.6:16)”

We are now contemplating a space army and colonizing space and also mining for precious ore in future. Without managing the earth and proving man as a keystone species for good what spirit is driving him to hazard what is seemingly impossible? Let us call it progress. Such progress does not usher in any brave new world as man had hoped for but instead we have a dystopian world, Most recently we have seen some kingdoms being guilty of appalling record of human right abuses but nations with an eye for their natural resources delude themselves they can still do business with them. Such pragmatism shall override man’s moral queasiness slowly till it disappears altogether. We see the churches hobnobbing with serial adulterers and men who are accused of reprehensible conduct.
Newsweek in their 23 Oct. issue carried this news:
Televangelist Pat Robertson has accused the philanthropist George Soros of financing the caravan of migrants heading toward the U.S. border—though admitted that there is “no hard evidence” to support his claim.

The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network appeared on the network’s flagship show The 700 Club to discuss the thousands of Central American migrants who are currently making their way to the U.S. border.

Robertson said that if the caravan of as many as 7,000 people does make it to their destination, the matter could become a “public relations nightmare” for President Donald Trump.
What has white evangelicalism to mirror the policies of far right or White supremacist groups? Recent Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue mayhem,- a chilling consequence of targeted antisemitism is fresh in the memory of the world all over. In the light of which what would Pat Robertson’s comments mean?
In the Book of Revelation we read of two beasts arising out of the land and of the sea. The latter is shown as a shaman teaching the world to worship the other beast from the land who has succeeded to set the world order according to his will. He is blasphemy written over and the beast is now in service and it is like the concord of belial and the church as quoted earlier.

When the world had rejected Prince of peace and have swallowed without murmur material progress as real it is a sure sign where it is leading to. Those who would not be straightened by wholesome doctrines shall be condemned to much worse doctrines the beast would implement. Antichrist shall find enough verses to prove the Beast scripturally sound. Am I being far fetched? History shows how. Nazi regime had used the name of Luther to support their own policies. (Luther had taken side of the repressive powers against the peasant’s revolt in 1526 thereby unfortunately giving a handle to the brown shirts!). It is the beginning of sorrows that we see now.

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