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According to the European Space Agency findings there is a river, which is 1,300 light-years long and 160 light-years wide, winding through the Milky Way’s vast, dense star field. These stars move roughly at same speed and in same direction. It has been for 1 billion years in our galaxy which we had seen and yet we did not notice it. These were a cluster almost like a blob but gradually the gravity of Milky Way stretched into a long stream. It is no different than how world empires are forged from cluster of clans, tribes and ethnic groups held together by mutual affiliations language and culture draw them out.
This cluster was whipped around the edge of the edge of the Milky Way in four long circles just as Scythians, Parthians, Arabs and Huns in course of human history would have fared. Just as gravity would God can use events and their run is outside the direct control of players, this cluster has moved further and now
the stars are passing relatively close to Earth, just about 330 light-years away.
Astronomers have seen these stars before, mixed in with lots of stars all around them. But until now, they didn’t realize the stars were part of a group. If some one had told Augustus that the Briton would one day assume the mantle of Imperial glory he would have thought him crazy. Similarly had some one told George III this tobacco chewing and spitting Yankee would push them aside to be a superpower the monarch would have put down the fellow as a loony. What is controlling cosmic events also control events happening on the earth.

Tailspin: The space craft from which the present 3 D mapping was done is called ‘Gaia'(Greek for earth goddess, and in mythology the mate of Uranus and mother of the Titans and cyclopes).’
And scientists say that river of stars could help determine the mass of the entire Milky Way.
(ack: Rafi Letzter, LifeScience| February 19, 2019)

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