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Mulla Nasruddin after spending the whole morning with the sultan is treated as a celebrity at the coffeehouse. The regulars press him eagerly for news. Mulla said, “The sultan was so eager for talk. He says, “Mulla time is hanging on my hands. Talk, talk, talk and make time go away. So I talked about all kinds of topics from fate to mules, if you want to know.”
Suddenly their talk is abruptly ended by Mastan who could not believe his ears.”Mulla! Am I hearing right? Mulla! Take me to sultan! This instant!”
Mullah said, “dont’t let me do this second time. Last time I caused you 100 blows from the rod.”
Mastan laughed and said, “This time, I am gonna talk and he shall hear about mules, fate and whatever comes into my head at the moment”
Mastan was certain while others were not sure. Mullah tried to tell him to sleep it off.
“Oh no!” Mastan coaxed him till he agreed to take him to the palace.
Thus they went.
(To be concluded)

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