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When we consider the glory of man it is often compared to grass that fades away. Similarly when we consider our golden youth before we can make a song and dance about it we need to pause, for with a body breaking down it will not carry conviction. So any memorial we erect can only be termed as a memorial to vanity.
Be that as it may a memorial is very much an important feature we find in the scripture.
God instituted it as worship for the nation of Israel. Uzkara in Hebrew refers to a handful of meal which is also known as memorial offering.(Lev.2:2,9,16) Part of the beaten corn mixed with oil and the priest was to burn it along with frankincense. Each element has a symbolic meaning and taken all together its significance has much more than its individual parts carry. When burnt together smoke from it rises and ‘it is an offering made by fire unto the Lord(2:16)’. Like prayer it has a direction that defines our standing before our Maker.
It is in this context we read of the word of God referring the prayer of a Roman centurion as having gone up before God (Ac.10:4). So memorial has to do with the nature of God and also it is a commentary on the part of man. So relationship between God and man is established by symbols. Similarly when we observe Holy Communion we are recalling the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ-‘Do this in remembrance of me'(1 Co.11:24-25). Memorial in true sense of the word for a Christian shall carry an aspect of Jesus Christ.
Now let us look at heaven where we have a memorial of ‘the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world(Re.13.8)’ A memorial is established between God and man where the nature of God is the greater of the two. Naturally when prayers go up and blessings come down- and this direction shall never be superseded, is it not then logical to take heaven and the earth as one entity?
In John 3:16 we read “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,…” Let us now consider quote from the Book of the Revelation. The Slain Lamb is an emblem, symbolical reference to God, the Son. Man endowed with free will would need help in their need so it is clear acknowledgement of Divine Nature-Love and Mercy.
God is Love. In heaven we have it as a symbol,- a memorial. When John the Baptist pointed out Jesus of Nazareth and declared,”Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world(Jn.1:29-34)’ how did he make the connection but by the Spirit in the form of a dove alighting upon his cousin? God is a Spirit. Symbols of Lamb and dove are the means to make significance of matters which we may say as abstract. So relationship between God and man is made clearer by a memorial: God Man and the Spirit (symbol). A three fold cord is not quickly broken (Eccle.4:12).

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