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An event horizon is a boundary around the black hole beyond which nothing, including light, can escape. Such is its powerful gravitational grip. But it only applies to material that has gotten extremely close to the hole’s edge. Many black holes are, in fact, surrounded by streams of gas and dust, which circle around the hole, like water going down a drain. Friction in this material generates heat, which creates churning, storm-like structures in the gas and dust. This would explain, I am being fanciful here, the halo around saints normally shown in the Catholic hagiography.
Concerning black holes recent observations suggest that this motion also produces arching rings that surround inner columns of matter, which shoots straight into the air, strongly resembling fountains.

Quantum mechanics provides a clue for the black hole to shrink in size over a period of time. This is Inversion principle. We can understand why: provides another way for particles to escape a black hole. According to quantum mechanics theory, pairs of subatomic particles are constantly blinking in and out of existence around a black hole’s event horizon. Every so often, the configuration is aligned in just the right way to cause one of the partners to fall into the black hole. The particle’s identical associate is then propelled away at extremely high speed, robbing the black hole of a tiny bit of energy. (This produces what’s known as Hawking radiation, after Stephen Hawking, who discovered the phenomenon. Because energy equals mass, this process actually can cause a black hole to shrink and eventually evaporate away over long periods of time.)
How do we reconcile black holes’ crushing mass with the laws of quantum mechanics, which hold that information about particles can never be destroyed? As mentioned before material that slips beyond a black hole’s edge should become forever lost to the universe. This conundrum is known as the black hole information paradox; a resolution has eluded scientists to date. We shall try to understand from history.
Nazi ideology has been defeated and never shall the history can recreate the same circumstances or another Hitler. But Neo-nazism shall explain this information paradox. They are there to stymie and defeat the hypocritical politicians promising democracy based on principles of liberty. As a result when the President speaks ‘Make America great again’ it is an encouraging sign for Charlottesville, Virginia to erupt. In short every wrong done whether to an ethnic minority, gypsies disabled and weak is information burrowing into the body politic and shall surface again and again.(Ack:LiveScience/9 ideas/Adam Mann-April 10,2019)

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(In continuation of my recent posts on nationalism this may be of interest-benny)

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In 1928 at Neidenburg in the East at the local elections Nazis got only 2.3% of the votes cast. After the Great Depression the Nazis did not have a party office there. Neither did Hitler visit the place to drum up support. By 1933 the Nazi party got 53 % in Germany( actual figures I cannot vouch for.I am quoting this secondhand-b).

Nazi Manifesto was still the same as at the time of its founding and in 1933. People in Germany were dejected with the economy and disruptive Communists were for rejecting democracy. In such a flux energy of each German was in ferment and was ready for taking.


Energy of individual is in full flow when he sells himself to an idea. Look at the post-war Germany what with the hyperinflation and political chaos man on the street was waiting for one father figure who would guide him…

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