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  1. Day 2


Considering finite nature of life form the centre of imagination is not as one circumscribes a circle about a point geometrically. Line of development from that point is a matter of understanding and it shall settle everything else secondary to it. Thus St Francis of Assisi would renounce wealth of his father as Alexander of Macedon set out to conquer kingdom to give an expression to greatness that he understood as due.


  1. Day 3


Understanding and how each life form pursues it gives relevance only to the life form. It has to negotiate with other life forms similarly engaged in being relevant. Extinction of the wingless Dodo owed to many circumstances working against it.

Relevance of life form is bound up in context of others. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin spent his lifetime to create a Worker’s Paradise in Russia through the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. But he could not prevent the movement he spearheaded morph into Personality Cult under his successor. Truth of an ideal on which he laid his all is not Truth. It is what life and truth of action ought to mean.


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