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Truth as an Absolute is a context where man and nature hold a relationship. Truth of either party in their interactions is in direct context to it. Man as rational thinker can connect while nature, actions and experience of all life forms give him a reading. It would not make sense without his taking it direct from Truth, which is the keystone of his moral structure.

In an ecosystem one finds a species around which life forms manage the web of life. Off the coast of South California sea otters are ‘keystone’ animals. By knocking out the keystone what delicate balance is achieved will be disrupted. Sea otters were extensively hunted down in 18th and 19th centuries for their fur. In its near extinction sea urchins multiplied beyond limit. They in turn caused havoc by eating the giant kelps that served as a shelter for seals.

Truth as the keystone on which nations hold their position and knock it out and you see its effect from the worst excesses of man arising of man’s moral confusion jockeying for prominence. Social platforms spew them forth and does it help any one? Nor has it spared nature from degradation?

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