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4 Day 7


Alexander of Macedon or Julius Caesar fought close combat when personal bravery often forced the outcome. How different it is from waging urban guerrilla warfare in our times? Art of war has lost its stomach for a single man to man confrontation.

We shall see law of entropy working in the manner Napoleon’s Grand Army was decimated in Moscow. A well-knit strategy is an order but when descends into chaos the result is inevitable, In his case an early winter had set in and he and his army had no choice but to retreat. General Winter was one among many imponderables that conspired against him.

Think of the early Christian church with the modern churches around the world. Religions show this dilution of cardinal virtues that prophets emphasized at the founding of their belief-systems. Apostles have given way for charismatic TV preachers advocating prosperity theology to milk the congregation. Order of Truth descending into chaos speaks of moral terms man cannot escape. Spirit of the times is a moral equivalent of the physical law.








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