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Crack open an acorn and one might find a world of creatures that make it their home during the nut’s growth and decay. The number, however, is limited considering the size of the acorn. The nut has its limit so has the Earth.

The variety and number of organisms that fill an acorn will depend upon the surroundings. A nut lying on a bare and dry ground may not attract much as a decaying acorn swathed in a layer of moist leaves. Fecundity of moths, parasites and animals in an acorn owes to its environment as some parts of the Earth are more populated than other parts. The conclusion is quite compelling. Nature of an acorn in context corresponds with life forms interacting where the size of the Earth. Is it because Truth accommodates various species to organize about a triad? Truth of nature, of action and of experience create synergy that is for all to make use of?


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This Psalm of David carries no desperation of his situation as was in the previous psalms. Evidently he has been delivered from dire straits for the moment and we see his affirmation of God’s sovereignty coming to the fore. He can now reflect of what he learnt from his experience. He taught him to rely on His strength so his fingers are nimble. Unless God put his strength in his mind first his fingers would do only so much. So a Christian warfare is fought with full armor of God and it is the Mind of Christ that fights our battles for us.

David’s confidence is in God who is unlike pagan gods of his time. He is God of all mercies, ‘Though the LORD be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off(Ps.138:6)’. Elsewhere he asks what is man that He should…

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