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Emir Siddiq al-Sherwani having taken Mulla Nasruddin as his advisor sent him to report about the prospects of forestry in his kingdom. Mulla was astonished to see no forest and on enquiring with the officials of the forestry department pointed the royal order: No tree. “Why not? The new counselor queried. “Emir does not want roots under ground. He does not trust what he cannot see.”

When checked with the emir he was told, ” I want keep all my goods and subjects under 24×7 observation. While digesting this piece of news he was called by the son of emir and said,” I am so sorry to see the overworked earthworms. I insist a special status for them. They are downtrodden.”

He wanted Mullah how to solve the dilemma. Mulla said,” I shall not answer till you have sat with your father to solve his problem and he does yours.”


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Mulla Nasruddin during his travels passed through Kandahar, and one morning called on Emir Saddiq and said he was available to offer his services.

The Emir asked if he were qualified to counsel him on earth science.

Mulla replied, “If I did not know it I would not be standing here, sire.”

The emir was satisfied. He asked his guest to follow him for a tour through the royal grounds. At the end he asked, “What do you think of quality of the soil?”

After checking samples “How can I answer you, sire? If I say it is worthless you will not like it. So we shall sow thistles. If there comes up with barley instead it shall prove your royal wisdom is incomparable.”



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