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Scene: Darkened stage and three figures cloaked. Upon the cue of lights that come on and fade in the backdrop each figure speaks.)

First figure:

I know this must be heaven

And how do I base my firm rule

But from truth, as adamantine?

No sense or thought fell its sheen as yet

Faith, as simple and as untameable

I remain.


Second figure:

Angel of the Lord, upon the Word

I know the One eternal Sovereign

Whose voice has gone fleet-footed

Through gloom and o’er the foam

Of waves spent o’er lands and clime

Of every shade of fertility

So man may well augur Our Lord’s favour.

(Turning to the third figure)

O Spirit eternal, illumine our darkling surmise

Faith in Truth speaks as of old

And yet as fresh and clear

No age its adamantine visage ruin

What errand I run with no words expressed

He is happy in his state. What of you?


Third figure:

No gestures by fits and starts

but glide my way with the very breath; I wave across

The starry fields before me create

To which Faith do vouch as the Will of our Father.

Or Take those fields swept aside in numberless eons,

Possess He happily for purpose

His airy throne of crystalline vault

And beneath emerges through gloom

An opalescent foot-rest,

The world to which He has His Son sent.

Anon shall you state your mission there,

In your wake the host of angels make your

Embassy complete.

I am happily settled to be the Mover

And bid Father’s boon,-

His Sovereign Mercy like a shower scatter

Over His blessed creation;

Across worlds with holy purpose

We ride but with ease;

The chariot of winds bear us aloft or careen

With clouds tossed by breath of divine fire

Our time has come. Follow me,

(The Spirit of God exits).


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