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A 22-year-old man has pleaded guilty to intentionally setting fire to three African-American churches in the US state of Louisiana./Holden Matthews, 22, admitted to starting the fires to raise his profile as a “black metal” musician, prosecutors said./ He burned three Baptist churches in the Opelousas area over 10 days beginning in late March 2019-BBC news

Black metal unplugged

sent Holden raise his profile:

Burn burn burn baby!

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‘Pon us locusts blitz:

Manna of future, order

We while at the Ritz.


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In this leap year

My heart leaps that doctor

says old age as the cause.

‘Get plenty of rest and leave

Cares of valves and blood clots

To chance’.

Hit or miss?

All I know is the past was mine

And love of  this day I have:

‘We make a go of it, girlie,

Come what may’.


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