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Rule #1 Corona virus is no respecter of persons, their race color or belief. Social distancing and best known hygiene practices help.

For this reason opening nations despite of knowing possible mortality rates is playing into Covid-19. There can only be one winner in this unequal battle. Is it worth opening shops or beaches while virus are filling in crevices of street furniture, cracks on  the side walks? These virus do not live long on surfaces but continuous stream of pedestrians are keeping a continuous trail alive and are spreading. These pedestrians in their wake are leaving the virus  spread as well in all directions.

Rule#2 In a land of Covid- 19 play by the rules of the virus. No other way.

Rule #3  Tracking testing and prevention by a vaccine is the way a nation can win the battle. The virus has already mutated; if so why not genetically alter its ability to sow death on humans and animals?

Rule #4 When nations have ceased to advance scientifically they have lost their moral authority to be preserver of life forms on the earth. Man has lost it because of many mutations he himself have underwent in two millennium. His total preoccupation with generating wealth has skewed his balance. It is evident in the manner he set off weird climate and set off many species into list of extinct animals.

In terms of calamities no things have set right them. But people have. For instance,FDR showed he was a great President in the early 30s. It was one way the US proved their leadership. What do we see now?



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