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A man enjoying the sun while lolling on a lawn found ants making a beeline from B to B and it stung him. Next instant he shot up with a howl that would have made a banshee nod in approval.

Is it watusi?” a grasshopper asked the ant nearest to him.

“No what you see is neither here nor there but it is his move.”

The grasshopper said, “By Jiminey! he cant do as we do naturally Can he?”

“We can cut a caper without batting an eyelid…”

“Batman!” called out another, “here comes death from the skies, a robin.”

The grasshopper continued after the threat was gone, “Whatever it is the man is all hands.”

The ant replied,”You shall not be so critical if you had ants in pants as he does.”


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Donny the tortoise was certain with a shell as his armor would bulldoze anything in his path. Hillary the Hare romped all about the land showing her experience was nimble and quick. Oh their race to the White House was hard fought. KKK was there in full force; so were the money bags . Hillary was sure it was all in the bag. Oh when the results came she was bulldozed by a light weight Donny who had acquired enough baggage to keep him steady.

Experience is all stored in the records. When one casts ballot these are still there and is of no use. The electorate smell the air  and the scare politics is what one gets in the end.img_3603

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Aesop Fable Updated –The Bullfrog Who Forgot Himself ©


BullFrog Donnie was noted for the splash he made wherever he went. When he was passing through Texas, Lyin’ Ted complained his blond mop rattled his glass windows. ‘What a shame I am cruzing so high I cannot match his lies.’

His soundbytes were so loud so much so  while he was south of the border that his Mexican neighbour complained he was a public nuisance. When he was told of that he said, ’I am gonna build a wall;  so all rapists and thieves would taste my bullwhip, if they dare come in!’ There is it, the frog with his warts and all.

He was a bullfrog who was like matador on a holiday leaping and yelling his head off. He even floated a company he said was for all the hacks who had nothing else than crib about others. His charity catered for all and he bullied great many to donate. Only he did not even put his own cent. ‘That I do when I move to the White House.’ It was news for all. So Bullfrog Donnie was selling himself as a Presidential candidate.

He hastily put together as many newts he could find. They were newts alright but Ed was ‘een Klientje’ as they say in double dutch.   Whoever sucked up to him had the agony of taking a lot of bull from him and Ed put up with him. One day this hack of a writer who dipped his pen in vitriol and wrote many a lie sat to lunch with Donny. ‘Donnie don’t think I am TRUMPeting this news. But it is bad!’

‘What is it Little Ed?’

“HILLARY-ous is your competitor,’ said he between munching burrito. He explained she was a cow alright but so large that his pea-sized brain cannot describe it.

Bullfrog Donnie felt threatened. ‘So that is her woman card.!’

He stood up and said,’Is she as big as I am?’

Ed rolled his eyes to say,’Bigger as your Tower!’

So the bullfrog huffed and puffed and did his best to inflate to a size that Ed had described her. It was Donnie’s last but foolhardy attempt. He burst in the end and all those who watched him said, ‘Sad but it is true. It would take more bulls than a bullfrog to cow down HILLARY-ous ’

Moral: A Bullfrog who forgets himself is likely to end in bullshit.


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At the moment I am busy with a graphic novel from which I shall post one fable I have done. There are some 272 pages and is there a time limit?I am only concerned for the day in which I aim to do  two sheets. Of course it is not always kept up but to keep at it as far as possible. b


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A town mouse went to the country since he had not seen much of it. All that reminded him of it were the folks who were in a tearing hurry to escape it. All the church mouses he met were sure the churches back in the country were packed with backbiters. The door-mouses pouring into the town through the drains said they could not keep a doormat let alone their door for the hurricane took all. Daddy-O the dandy about town was sure he lived in a town that never had seen a tax-collector to give an opinion.
On arriving in a hick town he accosted the first mouse and after exchanging pleasantries said, ‘What do you for entertaining?’
We stalk whatever?’
‘Stalking,Freddo?” the town mouse was taken back,’ Back in town stalking is illegal. But a town mouse is above law.’ It was the turn of the country mouse to drop his jaw.’But stalks come flying and land on our doorstep. So a hurricane elsewhere is our feast day.’It was then Daddy-o realized the mouses spoke the same lingo but what it meant was neither here nor there.” The town mouse said,” You drop everything and come with me.”
The country mouse followed Daddy-O and it was like a descent into Dante’s inferno. Everywhere pigs had set up barriers and were trying pot luck at anything moving. At one place Daddy-O was being chased by a drove of pigs. Around an intersection he was caught by one pig who frisked him and asked,” Where have you stashed moon rocks?”
Daddy-o winked at the country mouse as if to give him a study into urban semantics,
” Psst, he means meth.”
‘What is your speed?
Daddy who had taken a liking to his ward said,” I am going to get his goat. Watch now”
Daddy-O lifted his foot and stepped hard on the trotter. The pig squealed and in response some 20 pigs sent peashooters flying at the two.
Freddo the country mouse screamed,” You brought me to hell, man!”
Daddy-O laughed hard and said, “This is my kind of town, Ferguson, Missouri!”


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