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A hungry fox is desperate. He must stop his craving but how? This ambitious fox found an opening in the hollow of a tree and jumped in and having helped himself to all that his position allowed he found he was in a fix. He could not go forward nor could he back out. Aesop had an answer to the dilemma of the fox. But Bo Jo is yet to find one.


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Once a monkey went selling his wares in a boat made of papyrus. Half way the boat sprung a leak and the monkey howled for all his worth, “Help! Help!”

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At the animal farm once a question came up: which animal served Farmer Joe most? The cow said she gave milk and its goodness kept the farmer strong and healthy. The porker wallowing in mud said,’The cow only said part of the story. She makes bones of Joe strong but my meat makes his muscles ripple with goodness so he may work whole day, without tiring’. The goats added their story and said, ‘A good butt from my horns has made the boss exclaim,”When ever I want the Bank to increase my credit worthiness I can well thank you for showing how.”‘ The rooster added how he served the hens in the farmyard so Father Joe has everyday something to break up. “Besides egg story has not anyone here something better to tell?”the animals asked one another
A frog who came there asked,”Please will you decide our case?” At this point the mosquito also appeared, “Please settle our argument”
The animals did not know what to make of it all.
The frog said, “This mosquito s malaria case while my poison is instant death.”
Mosquito by name Xi said,”Give me a chance to prove it on Farmer Joe, He shall die the most horrible death slow agonizing death.” While Donny the frog said, “Novichok in Salisbury was nothing compared to what I got. No collusion, no dilution but pure evil”. They were both asking the animals a chance to practice on Farmer Joe.
Oh boy were the animals so enraged! This is how tariff war is played at the expense of the whole world.

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A wolf bruised all over came down to drink from his usual watering hole. He saw a lamb on the other side of the hole happily lapping up water. Annoyed he accused him of want of respect. The lamb still smiling said, ‘when the sky drops water barley grows without much sweat’. The wolf was all the more incensed. “I am talking of water, how dare you talk of barley?” The lamb went on slurping and it made the wolf all the more angry. “Didn’t you muddy the water yesterday?” the wolf hollered.
“I wasn’t even thirsty yesterday.”
“Ah the day before, I am certain”. They went on arguing back and forth and the wolf every time going farther in time. In the end the lamb shouted across, “Stop! 1812 war was not my making!” the lamb stood his ground, “If you would pick a quarrel know your history and speak more to the facts”.
The wolf was so flabbergasted and said,”your cheekiness is so outrageous. I shall eat you up for that reason alone.”
The lamb let out a raspberry and said, “I would have taken you seriously if you had even a single teeth left.”
Don’t go about threatening without knowing your own ability carry them out. This is what tariff wars of America remind me. Unilateralism of any nation neck deep in mire is merely shooting wind.

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A man enjoying the sun while lolling on a lawn found ants making a beeline from B to B and it stung him. Next instant he shot up with a howl that would have made a banshee nod in approval.

Is it watusi?” a grasshopper asked the ant nearest to him.

“No what you see is neither here nor there but it is his move.”

The grasshopper said, “By Jiminey! he cant do as we do naturally Can he?”

“We can cut a caper without batting an eyelid…”

“Batman!” called out another, “here comes death from the skies, a robin.”

The grasshopper continued after the threat was gone, “Whatever it is the man is all hands.”

The ant replied,”You shall not be so critical if you had ants in pants as he does.”


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Donny the tortoise was certain with a shell as his armor would bulldoze anything in his path. Hillary the Hare romped all about the land showing her experience was nimble and quick. Oh their race to the White House was hard fought. KKK was there in full force; so were the money bags . Hillary was sure it was all in the bag. Oh when the results came she was bulldozed by a light weight Donny who had acquired enough baggage to keep him steady.

Experience is all stored in the records. When one casts ballot these are still there and is of no use. The electorate smell the air  and the scare politics is what one gets in the end.img_3603

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