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I used to fish whenever I had a chance. I have fished in the deep sea and in the canal behind my house whenever I had leisure and boy o boy! trouts love an angler like me. When they see my angle they know I am fishing for compliments.
No fear dearies! Had I been been less queasy about scaling or gutting myself I would have. Never mind, ethical living is what the modern world has come to.
Like Marx I thought hunting elephants in my pajamas was a good idea. Had I das Kapital I could have invested in a Winchester. In these cash strapped times one has to go with the flow and not get fancy ideas of hunting. Already I have been standing in the line for five hours and the employment is hard to come by. I hunted the other day for an employer who had his heart on the right side. I found one and he was eager to hire me without even checking my resume.
I did not have the heart to take the offer. ‘The hours are killing,’ said he,’no coffee breaks or no golden handshake.’
‘O I never pause for coffee. Except when I want to breathe.’ He took out his mobile, computed the number of pauses and giving me a dirty look, he said I was too expensive for him.
‘But I am taking next to nothing for 70 hour a week’, I spluttered. He shook his head and left me on the kerb. For the first time in my life my grin fell all askew and milk of human kindness somewhat curdled. I decided,’No more bright ideas to find a job except through the proper channel’.
Here you see I am all for ethical living. No jumping the queue or catching the media moghul Rupert Murdoch with a pie.
I intend to be a slave to ethical living. But economic slavery is alive and kicking, I know from the number of fellas who have been ass-kicked from 82 St to 43 St.There they live and have not dared to get up and go.It would fit well, like in somewhat variant version of the Sleeping Beauty, waiting for an employer in a shining armor to say the magic words,’You are hired!’
Ethical living is still alive. Ethics, forget it!

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‘The signs of our times must be so bad that we must fashion God in our image. Recently I spent some time with a couple who had come from the US. He said he was all for the GOP and he minced no words to show he abhorred the liberalism that made the American society weak kneed. When I said God must love Americans because one in eight under the Republican Bush were medically uninsured his wife was sure that it was propaganda. She knew the youngsters did not care to insure themselves out of some cock-eyed optimism. ‘In America insurance is alive and kicking.’ Yes from their vehement rebuttals I knew the poor always were to be kicked around. Later we got to talk around the nature of God and His workings. I said,’God must be a liberal to make the sun shine on the good and the bad.’ My American friend pooh-poohed to say,”don’t be fooled Benny,”
Seeing my raised eyebrows he said,’ God is giving the ungodly a taste of hellfire to visit upon them.’ His words had a ring of the Bible and verses he quoted were from the Bible. Only that I didn’t see God whom I had in my innermost being before I knew what was good or bad or worshiped with conscious mind.’ Naturally I had to dismiss his God of his own making and of little worth.

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Is constructing an Islamic Center with a mosque near Ground Zero a controversial point?
As an outsider and one interested in what goes on about me my views are my own. Freedom of worship is an article of faith for whoever places premium on good sense than obscurantist principles that religion always espouses. Christian churches, no matter what their persuasion or creed, shall not accept a church that support gay community. Take a recent bombing of a Sufi mosque in Pakistan where the bomber waited for the prayer time to cause maximum damage will be an eye opener for any one that imagines religion is as innocuous as what it preaches. Religion is the opium of the masses and it takes away all the nuances of good breeding, sweetness of civil society,- and Islam has from the time it became an established religion proved the implacable hostility of a believer for any dissent, and this religion is a heady potion for the Semitic race. Just like Hebrews this children of Ishamael cannot see beyond black and white on the point of faith. For a Moslem there is nothing in between. It may be ironic that as far as liberties of individuals under Moslems and Christian rulers in the past they have been far more tolerant to let Christians, Jews and other sect practice their religion in their own quarters as long as they did it quietly and without endangering the public order and peace. Only one go through the atrocities the so called crusaders perpetrated in order to deliver Jerusalem from the ‘infidels’. Catholic Church has shown in comparison far more perfidious in this respect.
For the rise in fundamentalism and terror as a political tool Islam has only taken a leaf out of the policies of the West. An average Moslem on the street equates the west for Christianity and the manner the west has double dealt with the political fortunes the Middle east is now etched in his consciousness. Thus if some fundamentalist Imam in Malaysia says any Christian who utters the world ‘Allah’ has profaned it what is the result? Several churches are torched forthwith.
Now we see a good will ambassador sent by Cordoba Initiative making a pitch for harmony and religious good-will. This is all well and commendable.
Given the past examples one cannot induce goodwill by some fatuous gestures and speeches.
Coming to the controversy of Islamic Center near Ground Zero I remember the government of Yahoos allowing a bar near the kindergarten school. The one who got license to open the bar said he stood guarantee for the quality of spirits he sold over the counter. ‘There shall be no loose, ungodly curses, four letter words around here,’ he was certain. The drinks were meant to be consumed by grown ups and responsible citizens.
What he did not guarantee was the customers under the influence of liquor.
We have a situation similar where the right to practice religion is guaranteed.

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In my youth I read Hurricane Betty rained fishes all across the coastal areas. Everyone from Montana to Arkansas drove down to see the rare sight. I also joined the bandwagon to see the miracle, There was a crush alright. Not one among them was a fisher man. I asked an oil rigger from Texas if he ever fished for fun. He said, “Dirty my hand with dem fishes? No sirree!” The BP has made people change their habits I guess. I just got back from Louisiana and I see nothing but fishermen who are queuing all the way from Appalachia to the harbor for a handout.

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In my time it was Peyton Place that lay lurking behind the peaceful exterior of small town Americana. For Gwadsake, this is 1986. Welcome to Lumberton!
It’s a sunny, woodsy day in Lumberton, so get those chain saws out. This is the mighty W-O-O-D. At the sound of the falling tree, it’s 9:30. There’s a whole lot of wood out there, so let’s get goin’.
While the radio jingle refers to felling woods there are those who are rarin’ to go with their freaky sexual fantasies. One such is the loathsome, nitrous-oxide sniffing kidnapper (Dennis Hopper). Frank holds a man Don, and Donny his son hostage, and makes the mother of Donny his sexual slave.
On the receiving end is the nightclub singer Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) the abused/brutalized mother.
Dorothy: Hello baby.
Frank: (reprimanding) Shut up. It’s Daddy you s–t-head. Where’s my bourbon?
(She goes into the kitchen and gets Frank his drink, handing it to him.)
Can’t you f–kin’ remember anything? (Dorothy turns out the main light in the living room and lights one small candle.) Now it’s dark. (Wearing her blue velvet robe, Dorothy sits on a chair in the middle of the living room. Frank sits down on the sofa.) Spread your legs. Wider. Show it to me. (She slowly opens her legs wider and adjusts her robe, while Frank stares at her crotch and drinks his bourbon.) Don’t you f–kin’ look at me!

Into such unstable equation who stumbles in but a college student Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan). The kid Galahad discovers a severed ear, and then finds himself embroiled on the goings on the dark side of town. (It is a fact of life that a picket fence however well painted white when casts shadow is less than what appears.)
He witnesses, first as a voyeur and then must be goaded by what he has seen so in a way no longer he is that same old innocent knight in shining armor. The disease of the villain has passed on to him as well the helpless woman. She has been brutalized so thoroughly she is not above asking the student to abuse her. While she is onto a masochistic bend the one who breaks and enters into her apartment is not spared either. He steals duplicate spare apartment key hanging in the kitchen in order to spy on her. Their kinks are so disgusting let me say the viewer need to carry an extra cast-iron lining to stomach what goes on there.
Jeffrey and Frank represent the two dichotomous sides of life (e.g., light/dark, normalcy/aberration, attraction/repulsion, innocence/experience, perversion/love, virtue/base desires, etc.) These represent also two side of the coin. In whichever way they fight for dominance the fact remains evil is still out there. Female leads Dorothy and Sandy are also two opposites.
Sandy who has a regular boyfriend also sees and acts as a decoy for Jeffrey.

Sandy: I don’t know if you’re a detective or a pervert.
Jeffrey: Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out.

Out of a slender plot line the essay in violence, aberrant sexual behavior David Lynch created a cult film. Although highly ridiculed and disdained when released as an extreme, dark, vulgar and disgusting film, it also won critical praise – Best Film of 1986, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Dennis Hopper) and Best Achievement in Cinematography (Frederick Elmes) by the National Society of Film Critics. It also received a sole nomination for Best Director from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The film’s credits (viewed with fluid, scripted type-lettering) play above a slow undulating blue velvet, fabric backdrop as Angelo Badalamenti’s sensual string score floridly plays. The film dissolves into an unnaturally brilliant, visually lush, boldly colorful opening with patriotic hues (bright red, white, and blue) and a nostalgic, dream-like view of a clean, conforming, pastoral America a la Norman Rockwell. Don’t you believe it.
At the outset we see a man falling down with a heart seizure. He is the proud owner of a house with a garden enclosed by white picket fence. And it is what often lurks behind the American dream (represented by spanking white picket fence) is interesting. Mr. Beaumont the father like a typical American would wish to keep the garden as green as you ever saw. But must account for the heart that is congested as well. Don’t you believe what you see is all there is.
But here we also see a deft directorial insight to move the camera for a closer view of a terrifying, diseased underworld: it is teeming with a swarm of hungry, ugly black bugs – a metaphor for the perverse, horrible evil that lurks beneath the idyllic surface of picture-perfect life.
Sandy: I don’t know. I had a dream. In fact, it was the night I met you. In the dream, there was our world and the world was dark because there weren’t any robins, and the robins represented love. And for the longest time, there was just this darkness. And all of a sudden, thousands of robins were set free, and they flew down and brought this Blinding Light of Love. And it seemed like that love would be the only thing that would make any difference. And it did. So I guess it means there is trouble ’til the robins come.
Jeffrey: You’re a neat girl.
Sandy: So are you. (laughs)

Directed by David Lynch
Produced by Fred C. Caruso
Written by David Lynch
Starring Kyle MacLachlan
Isabella Rossellini
Dennis Hopper
Laura Dern
Dean Stockwell
Music by Angelo Badalamenti
Cinematography Frederick Elmes
‘After the commercial and critical failure of Lynch’s Dune (1984), he made attempts at developing a more “personal story”, somewhat characteristic of his surreal style he displayed in his debut Eraserhead (1977). The screenplay of Blue Velvet had been passed around multiple times in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with many major studios declining it because of its strong sexual and violent content.[3] The independent studio De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, which was owned at the time by Italian film producer Dino De Laurentiis, agreed to finance and produce the film. Since its initial theatrical release, Blue Velvet has achieved cult status, significant academic attention and is widely regarded as one of Lynch’s finest works, alongside Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive (2001)’.
Genre: neo-noir
Motifs: The bug motif is recurrent throughout the film. Nitrous oxide mask that Frank wears and Jeffrey’s excuse as an insect exterminator. One of Frank’s sinister accomplice
(Fred Pickler) is identified by his yellow jacket, possibly reminiscent of the name of a type of wasp.
Finally, a robin eating a bug on a fence in the last scene of the film refers to Sandy’s dream and represents love conquering evil.
The severed ear that Jeffrey discovers is also a key symbolic element.
There are a number of allusions to the Wizard of Oz for instance name of the woman degraded by Frank is Dorothy and her ruby studded shoes etc.,
Run time:120 min
(ack: wikipedia, filmsite.org-Tim Dirks)


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School District 202 in Plainfield, Illinois, joins other school districts across the nation in banning “look-alike drugs”: candy cigarettes, fake chewing tobacco, non-alcoholic beer, and oregano. Various reasons are cited for the ban, one being that candy cigarettes can possibly lead to real cigarette use, that they send an inappropriate presmoking message. Secondly, that the prevalence of fake drugs makes it difficult for school administrators to find the real ones. And that the use of certain substitutes such as mint-flavored herbal snuff increase the chance that users may be considered “yuppies.” (Chicago Tribune, 1/7/92, 2/7/92). If child minders cannot distinguish between the real and playacting why should they mind children? They should spend their time usefully elsewhere and not mess up with children.
Much of our draconian laws arise from our own unfounded fears. Like Israel choking the Palestinians in Gaza and they think it is collective punishment and would send a strong message to Hamas. I am sure if given chance the state of Israel would be at it even after 100 years. From this collective punishment the only group that is reaping much in public support and sympathy is Hamas.
Israel in a way is raising a fresh wave of intifada from child of today.
If the powers that be in Israel could only distinguish between a punishment that work and that doesn’t the Palestine problem would have been by now on the table. Like the school administrators cannot distinguish between fake drugs and the real, the Israel government cannot search their own hearts or minds and arrive at a balanced view without the pressure groups orthodox Jews and the like, coming in between.
I am responsible for my life. It is plain as day. But interference from all corners should make me irresponsible for the mess around me, there must be wrong with laws that create this situation? For instance I paid the cost of raising my child, a quarter million of hard earned money, and end up with a son who stays home and smoke pot; he cannot even speak English that I thought was requisite for a well educated man. Who is to blame. Somewhere all my labor,discipline, industry and everything I regarded as fruits of progress have been messed up.
In short someone has shortchanged quarter of a million of my money, I raised with sweat of my brow. Who is irresponsible party and is to blame?

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