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Act- II


Scene as in Ac.1 Sc.1- Prelude



(Spot of light on the top half of the backdrop steadily grows and a crescendo,- amidst the full light a crash of thunder is heard. The Word displayed in simple and legible letters. While it appears three solemn figures take their position below. Light picking each out while he speaks.)

The Spirit:

“In the beginning was the Word,

And the Word was with God,

And the Word was God.”


Angel of the Lord:

Holy Father, the New Age flown

On the wings of light

With this decree

Commemorates the Law,

Everlasting Covenant

And it behoves the Son;

The vapors of chaos part

As enthralled by sound of it,

Shall ever your Holiness revere;

Where it impinges heat

Of your Power must singe;

Shall Wisdom dispel

Darkness to everlasting gloom?

Or dismal Night of man’s loss

Find way to Salvation by the word?


Angel of His Presence:

Ancient of the Days has in such

Division eternal word compact


Man is self-same as His Son

by the Law co-opt

To the Holy Communion

Where the Word is in all

And through all: Hallow

The worlds on the make where

The Word is Speech, and Heard.


The Spirit:

Night is void without Light

And Day unto Day declaims symbols

Of his Word.


The Angel of the Lord:

Fiat Lux!

Thus Holy Father spoke

The sun from chaos shall emerge

On decree, from thought to word.

What is solidity of the Earth

But His word from cocoon

Grown with determined


Little by little without haste

And without pause

So shall from decree to fulfillment

Make worlds fertile where

Arrow of Time from bowshot gives

Seasons its glad revival.

Let the Sun the retinue

Of stars the moon and meteors

In His providence exult,

As Darkness is not for itself

Deigned but for higher state

To which death is but a token

Of morning declaim its new birth.


The Spirit:

Without Hope faith must feed

On itself and Without Day

Night shall soon wear out

Her glad rags to feed worms

In charnel house of its own make.

Everlasting covenant is

Death in life subsumed:

The Slain Lamb has with this Law


Night for Life in His body

Shall this be manifest.


Angel of His Presence:

The ground with which

The first man is formed

Is body, and man of all ages

And climes shall take measure

To it for good or bad

Of God the Son decreed

Before Time, before Space

A lowly body nevertheless;

(A murmur and it grows into hubbub and steadily it goes on voices not distinct but somewhat a processional)

Angel of the Lord:

(solemnly) “Write, Blessed are the dead

Which die in the Lord from henceforth:

Yea, it is written

They are dead but alive before the Lord

They may rest from their labors;

And their works do follow them”.

Do you see Abel, Isaiah and Jeremiah among them? Their names were written in the Book of Remembrance. Even before they were conceived. The Everlasting Covenant has so recorded…

(A cry could be heard distinct and sharp intake of breath and gasp: “Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?”)

Among the souls dead, stands the Son of man. The carcass around whom eagles shall gather, shot through the arrow of Time for the glory of the Word. ‘Hear him!’ Ecco Homo! Savior of the world,

The Great Shepherd of souls

His passion has thus

In the symbol of lamb

The will of his Father manifest.

Round off the article of Law

With death to its perfect conclusion.

Total Victory is sum of eternity

In your Will contain.

(Image of a scroll is flashed with words:

The Book of Life )

The Spirit:

Without shedding of blood

There is no redemption.

With this the Son of man would die

As was the Word expressed

Meaning of it by Prince of Life

Chose, upholding divine decree

So his death was predestined

As any man who in body conformed

To his death has secured

Life eternal:

Thus in Everlasting Covenant the rede

Of Law fulfilled.

(lights dim)




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I don’t want a lot for Christmas
Peace in my heart, let it burn:
I don’t care about the presents,-
You need not shout HoHo please,
You kill what glow I let blaze
With fake news a new normal
All your false cheer in tears end:
All I want for Christmas is peace
I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need, and I
Don’t think you can drop in one
Day of the year and say all
Is well, Ho Ho peace on earth.

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Photo credit: emma thomas

The sun worked its magic
Anti-freeze upon the frosted pile:
Across window panes
In every wink of dew
And in every thicket denuded
Of green swathes,
A new beginning.

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