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Ali Baba of our times is a business man whom no bank would allow credit for no other reason than he never repaid any in the past. His brother Kassim did business on a grand scale and always he got credit. Why? The banks loved the very sight of Kassim who brought presents. (The manager who worked in the city office never worked in the same place for more than seven years. All presents large and small, brought by Kassim were to his own use. The manager took them and extended credit facilities yet higher). So the manager did business with alacrity and Ali Baba cried in vexation. He did a little snooping around and found he had stuck to one bank through thick and thin. But his brother Kassim could afford bamboozle the Bank A and give presents to B so he got credit from manager of B at the drop of a hat (not to mention it was the manager who dived faster than the clerk and handed it back to him). He asked his elder brother if he ever repaid his loan to the banks A or B he did business with. “Oh no what for?” Kassim was flabbergasted, “I can always go to Bank C.”
Managers like birds of passage pick whatever they get(and sticky loans finally sink into the bottom of a sea no one wants to enter) so the kingdom is bustling with activities and all agree it is great to run through figures all neatly drawn up and certified by chartered accounting firms. Greatness for them was wealth you see and it changed hands on the mantra: ‘open sesame’.
Ali Baba understood the great mystery of public finances. He became known throughout the land as the master of making great deals.

You show first what it is to be great in ways others can accept as true.

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The Wow-Wow Tales is a collection of tales, 84 of them, quite a number of them new and never published before makes this very special for me. There are some 41 illustrations also made for this edition. Pages: 228

The paperback version is released through createspace.com.

There are two editions one is in black and white. The Plain Wow-Wow Tales is priced at $16 and the one with color and b&w illustrations at $46.

I shall give an excerpt from the Introduction:

When elephants gather it is news. That was how with Wow-Wow, the elephant.

Wherever he went he was in the news. As a baby he strayed from his herd and it made news. Now he was back some hundred years old if not more, he still wowed them.

Coming home was not so much as telling all the stories he knew.

So when the Mayor Oddlegs, after introduction cleared the field for him he began, ‘I have so much to tell but I shall begin with two friends who are not here.’

While his audience stirred he said, ‘In Bolivia, I think it was, a parrot became my boon companion. Except that he wasn’t there whenever I wanted to make a conversation.’ A hubbub. The elephants did not care much for asides. ‘Come to the point, Wow-Wow’, said they all.

‘The parrot was not seen but he heard just the same. In fact he retold all my stories verbatim. Now memory is not what it was. If it weren’t for his knack I would not have known how to amuse you.’

‘Then there was a mouse, the like of which you shall never see, and he could chew into anything or make holes. Whenever I laid my hand on my cheese I knew my friend was already at it.’ Wow-Wow chuckled at this point. ‘While I was in service of the King of Siam, the royal treasury was soon emptied. The king looked high and he looked low. What did he see? My friend the mouse had made a hole in the royal chest and decamped with the goods. Oh that was nasty! I got the blame. When the charges were read to me I went white. Literally! I lost my position but found direction in life. I am home.’

The elephants at the point trumpeted their satisfaction. The Mayor said in appreciation, ‘You came back anyway, white or not’. The herd would have tittered more but the volcano in the background belched. It didn’t do any damage except in the sound and fury of an eruption. Before the startled elephants a parrot flew in. Wow-Wow was delighted. ‘At last you are seen.’

His former companion equally delighted to add, ‘And I heard you out there.’ A squeak, and there was his other companion! The beasts looked at the sorry looking mouse. His whiskers were gone and his tail still smouldering. Oh he looked terrible! He jumped into the arms of Wow-Wow. He said, ‘Don’t speak! You are looking at a friend who made a hole through a hill with the mightiest bellyache. I walked o’er hot coals for you.’ The scamp squeaked, ‘What are friends for!’

Wow-Wow felt his life was coming to him. He had his friends back. Now he could tell all…”



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Eldorado Or Bust? ©


An intrepid traveller went into Eldorado and he was surprised that the roads were paved with gold and no one seemed to take any notice of it. Gold nuggets were thrown in heaps as gravel in his own land and the inhabitants went about their chores carrying firewood and breadfruit in baskets woven with banana leaves. All the more amazed was he to notice man and woman were naked and they did not seem to bother with the great wealth heaped about them as if with an indifferent hand. He approached one man and managed to make himself understood. He wanted to speak with his chief. He smiled and led him to a hut erected with utmost simplicity a spacious hall unadorned except for a raised platform. At the centre was a three legged stool and a Panama hat. The visitor would have burst out laughing had it not been for a number of locals who were standing before it with gravity.

He murmured to his escort where the chief stood among them. The cicerone without any change of expression said, “Our chief rests on his stool.”

“But why those six standing before it and in solemnity?

“They are taking counsel from Great Chief and what they decide there they accept as coming from him.”

“Don’t you want your voice heard?”

“What for?” the local said in amazement, “ We live in peace with ourselves and we have nothing to complain; nothing to improve our lot since nature takes care what we cannot.”

Later the visitor after careful study of their manner of running their daily affairs without much trouble and in the amity that existed among them he realized the Chief exerted a great influence upon their lives even without stirring from the spot.

Politics is the art of the impossible concept made to look as possible. The idea that one better and more schooled in public affairs can better your condition is sold by fellows who have nothing to be happy with themselves so they create a smokescreen of their superiority. Not having anything worth in themselves they sell you a pie in the sky. Poitics is for the gullible who shall not be content with themselves. Look at the social history of nations. Which nation can justify that they have found a leader who created Eldorado or made happiness their lot?





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There was a frog that lived in a shallow well.

” Look how well off I am here ! ” he told a big turtle from the Eastern Ocean. ” You ought to see what treasures I hide in my little kingdom.’

The wise old Turtle could not believe his ears. So he asked whether he would show a few of them. The frog said,”You come tonight I shall show.” That night the turtle came around, calling the frog he announced he was at his disposal,’I shall be grateful if I could add something to my knapsack of knowledge. The frog said,”I have a wonderful brotherly feeling towards you.” The treasure is however so buried deep I cannot yet show you. May be another night. The turtle was so eager that he came around next night and he was disappointed. After a few nights the frog showed him the reflection of a quartermoon and said, “ this well is my garden and I planted some seed which I forget when. But it is sprouting.”

The turtle smiled and said, surely your garden is a magical garden. “

“Don’t you wish you had rather been born in this well than any other?”

The old turtle said,” The Emperor dragon put me in the backwaters while he appointed you to take care of his inestimable jewels.”

The frog said, “Pity, you were not singled out for luck; my forefathers in their time were doorkeepers of the Imperial Palace and the Emperor must have found their service excellent.”

“It seems so.” Replied the Old Turtle and went off wishing him well.

Are not we like the frog in the well when we speak of our belief-systems for which we stone, kill and burn others?

If we cannot handle this world of shadows what shall we do with the real?


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Mr. Clod and Leaf on the War Path


One fine morning Mr. Clod was surprised by a leaf who introduced himself as a Jihadi. He had South London accent that marked him as a Brit and he said, “Clod, Is it not time to clean up the land?”

Clod who has been called Ali Baba said, “ Why don’t you clean up your house first?” Leaf was sure that they should not settle for anything less than a Caliphate .”

At that point Clod brightened up and said, “Caliphate! All you need to say ‘Open Sesame’ Syria and Levant shall be under our feet.” Clod pointed out to some rag that was blackened under the scorching sun and said it should make a flag. Mr. Leaf giggled and said, “Hardly have I made a suggestion before you are brimming with ideas.” They agreed to march to Syria in order to found their Caliphate.

On the way they discussed what needed to be done. Clod was all for rooting out music from the land. Mr. Leaf wanted to crucify the minorities and Clod was sure all women they won at the point of sword was to be sold as slaves and enemies slaughtered.

Mr. Leaf asked somewhat apprehensively, “Is it permitted by the Prophet?”

Clod said brusquely,”I have not heard any Imam forbidding them, So we shall do as we please.”

They called themselves As Is Where Is. “IS for short.” they shouted.

Thus they went on. Suddenly a storm arose and Mr. Leaf all shook up and said, “Wish we did some thing against Nature before we took to war on human nature.” No sooner than he said the clouds massed up. The hard wind carried the leaf away and the rain washed away the silly clod.


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Work and Play©
Once the gods who roosted in the Yggdrasil conferred with one another to find out how the nine worlds were doing.
Wotan said,’Oh well we are always at hand to give the worlds their buoyancy. Freya said,Hear hear,!’ I can always turn the despair in women’s heart with a motherly touch’. Each god had something to speak about their role in keeping the order. Hope, Joy, Pleasure-well every emotion that made the worlds run on and on was discussed.


After a painful silence they looked at the dragon who was hopping from the three roots which never stayed still,’I see someone who has nothing to do but make a play on our tree.’ they said.
Prompt came the retort.’Play you call? If I did not put my foot down the root will swat some worlds to oblivion. You calll my role as a trifle, Do you?’
The gods knew the tree itself stayed the course since the keeper made a play of his work. It needed all the foresight and concentration. The dragon, after all was the balance wheel that made the tree work.

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The Tree of Terror ©

Sorry. it is removed. Continue reading it in the Wow-Wow Tales-b

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Prometheus found the gods on top of Olympus night after night sitting around the campfire and entertain each other with stories. Ganymede would go around them filling their cups and the godly jollity went on day after day. Prometheus on climbing down one night asked other clan members,’why not we also sit around and entertain each other?’ Some clapped their hands with joy and thought it was an excellent idea. One elder by name Calchas said it was a foolish notion. ‘Foolish notion?’ Prometheus could not understand,’ They are like us.’
Calchas looked at the whippersnapper sadly,’ Prommmy, they are immortals. They are of a different league.’
‘But they steal, seduce innocent girls and take no responsibility to take care of the waifs or their mothers and they tittle-tattle..’
‘Enough said,’ Calchas was getting irritated, ‘These gods owe none any explanation so they may establish, each his moral code and is a law unto himself.’
Prometheus went that night to his straw bed and next morning he saw the glorious sun rise sending its golden beams all across the land. Prometheus said,’Gods live indeed in splendor!I will steal a little of their fire if it is the last thing I do on earth.’ He went and begged an audience with the king. He said the gods had fire for the day as well as for the night. I shall steal a little fire.’ The king was astounded but was convinced the motives of Prometheus were above-board.
Did he not say the fire would serve them well in cold nights? He permitted him to try his chance. He cautioned him however,’Prometheus, if you are found out I will plead no knowledge of our interview. You are on your own.’Young Prometheus understood the risk. He said, ‘as much as I love my king and my clan I shall risk dangers so it benefits us for ever.’
Thus he climbed Mount Olympus by stealth and stole their fire. He brought it to the people below and they all acclaimed him as a hero. The gods discovered the theft soon enough and the punishment was swift. As demanded Prometheus was bound by the king and delivered to them. The gods had him chained to a rock. Hephaestus The lame god while creating the fire noticed a fire-bird fly out of the sparks. It was out of his control. ‘He said,’You can eat his liver. Better than dogs eat hm alive.’
He went back to the abode of gods.
This raven would daily visit him to eat his liver. Mankind pitied him and said,’the sin of daring gods was punishable by death. At least he escaped death.’ They went off as quickly as they came up. Prometheus had become too hot for their comfort, Months later they hardly went that way to give him company or share his misery. The fire-bird went on feeding his liver that somehow gave him healing powers. Nobody could explain why. He became cheerful and could withstand pain and endure inclement weather. Gods wondered whether the god of fire helped him. They questioned him. He put to rest their doubts by saying that in the punishment gods had a safety clause that they could not have avoided. ‘As gods we are dealing with Either or situation’.
Now it so happened gradually mankind took to bed often from illness that they had never known. Many of them died young or would die a lingering death. What the gods did not know was that mankind in learning to cook their meat and making it rich they had irreparably damaged their constitution. From overcooked meat and too much fat their liver became exposed to various maladies ever since.
Gods could not escape Either or situation; neither would mankind escape it. In their indifference and giving cold shoulder to Prometheus despite of his selfless service had invited something of the curse of impiety laid on him.
Moral: progress has its kill/cure condition. People in accepting fire from Prometheus was destined to suffer in some other manner. Look at the way the gun culture the Constitution of America has helped to be part of their way of life, decimate the young and vulnerable! Their very ‘manliness'( of which gun has symbolic value) has robbed them a way forward, a sane law that shall be in their best interests.

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The supposedly zero hour has come and gone and I asked one crystal skull,’You got it all wrong. The world is still doing its rounds’.
The skull answered,’You did not see its beginning How can you say it did not end?’
While I scratched my head for a rational answer another crystal skull butted in,’He is right you know. His name is Adam.’
‘You mean he is the son of God?’
The second skull nodded and said,’I can vouch for his veracity. I did not even wink while he saw the planet take its first steps on the fast lane of civilization. I know he saw it all begin Civilization as you call it.’
‘Civilization? I asked incredulous, ‘You mean the earth was like Athena fully grown from the head of Zeus and it had a civilization to speak of?’
Third crystal skull said,’Yes in a manner of speaking.’
‘You think of life separate from the circle of which your world is only a teensy bit.’queried the second.
The other crystal skull tutted,’it is too much for his head to hold. Spare him from truth. He is flesh and blood you know.’
The second skull spoke,’I live in a parallel world where magical numbers make up our world. When I write the numeral one, there is one in your world sit up and scratch the letter A; and when I wrote 2 you know what he said? B should come after A. Don’t ask me,’ but he is from another world and time making up speech and sounds.’ I was speechless. Having digested it all I asked the skulls. ‘Correct me If I am wrong. You are one and the same life-form existing in different planets?’
‘Alas we are all same man but given different planets to occupy.’
‘Aha’ I asked,’So we have parallel worlds and you are all the same soul represented by crystal skulls?’
The souls said in unison that I was spot on.
They asked ‘How do you say that the world did not begin with civilization when we represented your inchoate state by civilization that would later fit you?
‘I know it was beastly ingratitude to speak civilization as purely our own creature’ I bowed to them all and said,’forgive me.’
‘But how is that there is so much misery and bloodshed, greed and imbecility in our world?’I added hesitating.
The crystal skulls looked pensive and said,’We set you a perfect example with so many parallel worlds, giving infinite shades of meaning. You only have you to blame for drawing wrong conclusions from such wealth of examples.’
In the end they said, ‘we are all Adams and what is your name?’
I bowed my head and said, ‘Adam. But my hands are clean. I didn’t shed any man’s blood.’
The host of crystal skulls waved and said, ‘We know. You shall also stand one day among us.’
‘When would that be?’
‘All in good time. It is nothing that you should worry about.’

Now for some background news:

The crystal skulls have spoken: The world is not going to end.
American seer Star Johnsen-Moser led a whooping, dancing, drum-beating ceremony Thursday in the heart of Mayan territory to consult several of the life-sized crystal skulls, which adherents claim were passed down by the ancient Maya.
The skulls weren’t the only inheritances left by the ancient civilization that have been making waves this week: The supposed end of the Maya long-count calendar on Friday has prompted a wave of doomsday speculation across the globe.
“This is not the end of the world, this is the beginning of the new world,” Johnsen-Moser said at a gathering of hundreds of spiritualists at a convention center in Merida. “It is most important that we hold a positive, beautiful reality for ourselves and our planet … Fear is out of place.”
The supposed 5 a.m. Friday doomsday hour had already arrived in several parts of the world with no sign of the apocalypse.

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Among the floating clouds a Giant lived a life of ease and untouched by age or want. Though the many islands surrounding his domain melted regularly to form rain pelting the earth below he suffered no injury. He for all his largeness didn’t let any fleeting thought escape. Once he thought a profound thought ‘if I were large there must be those forms larger than me. Next he thought there must be on the reverse scale miniscule atoms as well.
Buoyed up by his new run of thoughts he said,’I would like to meet one.’ It was not out of vanity but to exchange some ideas he had lately dwelt upon.
Indeed eons later he came across one which said he was proceeding to look for the largest form he could possibly find.
‘ Do you have a form, if you please?’ the Atom asked.
‘Can you not see my form?’ the Giant was amazed.
The Atom with an apology asked if he could probe first if it were worth his while.’Afterall having to describe things by another medium is a dubious practice. I can only make sure by taking a leap into whatever.’ With these words he whirled through the Giant and coming other side he said,’I felt at home as I did every other form. It assured me immeasurably that any further probe was unnecessary and a waste of time.’
The Giant felt humble and he asked,’ Who or what are you?’
‘I am Truth.Wasn’t it obvious?’ The Giant shook his head.
The Giant asked,’Do you have parents?’
‘What for?’ the Atom almost wanted to say but he checked himself,’It will complicate matters. He shall only distract himself from understanding what I am or he is to me.’
Searching for truth is for many is a useful tool to distract themselves from knowing what they really ought to do something about. This we have so many religions ,and folderol, believers, that render them unable to profit from truth which is in the very warp and woof of their existence. Man who tries to bend another to his ‘belief’ insults truth that is in all.
According to Spinoza God is the Essence or causa sui and Nature are events in mode revealing truth about that Cause in many telling ways. Man who is sensitive to his place in the scheme of things shall lay emphases differently than where religion does. Religion is more concerned about its organizational health than moral health of the flock .Result of this is evident in our present times.

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