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In this leap year

My heart leaps that doctor

says old age as the cause.

‘Get plenty of rest and leave

Cares of valves and blood clots

To chance’.

Hit or miss?

All I know is the past was mine

And love of  this day I have:

‘We make a go of it, girlie,

Come what may’.


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How deep Is My Love?

I love you as an epistle

sealed with a kiss;

(Postage is on the house)

You ask how deep is deep:

Ask, love,

how far will you take it instead?


Take till time’s end

Fly by the land’s end

And fall off the precipice

(as I have done)

Between a wink and the REM,

Between wakeful and sleep states:


The letter shall survive

the ups and downs

east west north south


Of our mortality

In time’s arrow reconciled.


If our love be found

past time and space

In the two bottles,-

On the shores of beach,

fused as one

For eternity- we never lost it.

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