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On Feb.9 article in C/Net was this headline:

Gravity in space produces a cosmic grin

Hubble has taken a photo of what seems to be a smiling cartoon face in the depths of space, which the writer explains as an effect produced by a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing. How do we explain a Smiley in the abyss? The two dots are galaxies and for a grin we see light curved to give us an impression of a goofy grin. To complete the picture there is a ring around suggesting the head. It is light bending by gravitational field exerting its force on it. This is called Einsteins ring.

Astronomers know the existence of distortion of light by gravity and must correct gravitational lensing in order to understand what they are looking at it.

It is not what it seems to us who are conditioned to look at images with a certain mind set.

Like those snapshots in the snow one points out to Christ or as imprinted on Turin shroud, there are certain forces that prompt us to identify with our natural world. But if we give any value to soul we need to look beyond such casual impressions.

Certain circumstances in my childhood made a deep impression in me. At young age leaving my family to live away in strange surroundings created much anxiety and left me with no moorings. Then spending several years in a boarding school I came to think of home as wherever I found myself in at any moment. But now looking back whatever deprived me in my infancy proved to be a blessing. Whether India or the Netherlands I could live content.

When certain incidents in life offers compensation for later use one would say these negative life experience was in deed the key to victories in later period.

Analogy of gravitational lensing holds true in our life experience as well. If your idealism is such you want to make a honest buck by your merits you find so many things going against it. Gravitational field of human interactions cannot be dismissed. Suppose you want to write a book that is straight from your heart and if you approach a publisher you shall see that there are no takers. ‘Taste’ of general reading is weighed in favor of books like ’50 Shades of Grey’ or ‘Hunger Games.’ Those who want money and fame soon succumb to the general trend. Forces that work in deep space is no different than what works unseen by casual eye in our own times. This gravitational lensing skews up human moral readings and it must be corrected by each individual so he or she does not lose moral compass. Nothing of this world can be as precious as the worth of your soul.

ack: C/Net reported by michelle Starr)


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What is energy? We see it in action. A vast stretch of wheat field swaying in the wind is an impressive sight; so is an ocean carrying waves along. The ocean wave does not however carry water anymore than a wave of wheat carries grains along. The wave shapes into an undulating (sinusoidal)or a saw-tooth (trochoidal) pattern and makes use of the water it passes, being itself composed of something abstract as Nobel Laureate Feynman would qualify it,’ a mathematical principle.’

Energy is such stuff that reality of our physical world cannot be conceived as a thing apart. Even to register what you see in your mind entails energy. In short by the simple act of observing, the principle of conservation of energy has laid claim on you.* For simplicity sake I shall define inner world is that part where such conservation take place. I opened up with such a definition to indicate our physical and inner world are hinged on energy. In short it is a material world and it is abstract as well.

The premise of the book is simple: one cannot handle his physical world without drawing the inner world along. Both are one and indivisible.

There is a supersymmetry, clues to which are not wanting in our everyday living. Idea of darkness would denote absence of light, for example. Man creates sense of the world using his abstract thinking. As mentioned in Correspondence principle energy is a proof of human existence and no other,- his wealth or name or any, shall pass the test of death.

The earth is a representation of all other habitations and there is no other way one can graduate his nursery without genuine proof in terms of service. It goes without saying every one of us shall bear each other’s burden. Cain’s asked God ‘Am I my brother’s keeper? In reply God pointed to the deed of fratricide.’The voice of thy brother’s blood cries unto me from ground.’ The significance is clear. Our actions shall be held against us. Utility is man’s proof of having met the condemnation of Cain as best as he or she could. In this age of environmental disasters and weird climate ask ourselves how have we discharged our stewardship on the earth.


All life forms hold a relative position in Cosmos and are of equal weight. Therefore it is reasonable to believe energy level of each will also be same. It is quantitative since laws of physics clearly explain energy that is transferred, say for example while a drill bit cuts into metal, can be quantified.

Suppose accidents in physical universe robbed one of energy from being fully utilized what shall conserve energy surplus?

Energy forms part of life form as its reality as to denote a quantity. This reality of energy un-utilized is in terms of its transactional energy that it may pass on to another. By doing so it is continuing life after life where its reality is established. If reality of one living could make use of it this reality is utility instead.

This may be explained rather fancifully from an example. Henry Ford in inventing automobile merely connected to the inventor of wheel. In a manner of speaking Henry Ford extended the unsung inventive genius of our primordial ancestor. He made his relevance topical. Suppose the inventor of wheel compensated him with whatever energy left to his account it is utility made a reality. Henry Ford is his direct inheritor since he changed the use of wheel in an altogether new way. That in turns gives primordial ancestor relevance. Ford is an inheritor as Daimler or Royce is. Despite of narrow confines of time and space reality of each life form is, set in context of Ultimate Reality and on Time-Space. The Golden Pagoda.

There is no accident or element of chance in such a close relation where moral universe exercises its right and man who defrauded or committed violence need pay up to the victim.


A neuron is a nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nervous system. Neurons are similar to other cells in the human body in a number of ways, but there is one key difference between neurons and other cells. Neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body.

These highly specialized nerve cells are responsible for communicating information in both chemical and electrical forms. There are also several different types of neurons responsible for different tasks in the human body.

Isn’t the body and brain as one considering entire circuitry of a life-form must interface worlds without?

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In a physical world our senses prompt us to correspond objects and life forms in terms of size.
Our planet earth is a living planet giving rise to millions of species of life forms; Because it is home to every creature big or small, these life forms have learnt to interact in groups forming a food chain, and thriving as far as they could, making the most of their ecosystems.
Crack open an acorn and one might find a world of creatures that make it their home during the nut’s growth and decay. The number, however, is limited considering the size of the acorn. The nut has its limit so has the earth. Such a correspondence works when we consider material universe.
In terms of utility as demonstrated by food chain we see another correspondence. A whale corresponds with phytoplankton since these marine organisms form bulk of its diet. Of what quality is utility?

Salt has atoms arranged in a specific manner. Reality of Sodium and Chlorine atoms in their tight formation and nature of forces between make salt.
Look at these elements separately: Chlorine is a deadly poison and Sodium is a corrosive metal which burns in water. When arranged in its precise formation the salt very useful to us. Such is the concept of utilitatian relativism.
Our physical world has its supersymmetry with an innerworld: where collective experience makes up part of memory in Cosmic Mind utility must hold a correspondence between our physical world and inner world. Why one might ask? Energy that we in one world spent is a reality and that makes each of us a consumer. Since conservation of energy occurs in an Inner world our reality must be corrected with energy gain or loss set down in ultimate Reality.
Whales and phytoplankton as mentioned earlier correspond in terms of utility.Position of Inner world in terms of physical world also allows correspondence. Correspondence principle rephrases life forms in terms of energy gained or lost. (In the Importance of being Jellyfish we discussed how, in the world of energy efficiency, Jellyfishes are able to pare down their energy loss even further than any other. It is in real time and in physical world.) We have only one mode of reality that is proof to physical dissolution at death. Energy which neither created nor destroyed is our proof.
When we speak of utility it is that ability to be set down as proof of our human existence.
When we speak of heaven and hell we need to concede these are ideas.
As social animals ideas are our vocabulary necessary for influencing others. It also conveniently groups into collective terms: Proletariat and Capitalist, Haves and Have-nots, believers and kaffirs. This world with pigeonholes will make no sense to other species. To a dog his devotion is complete whether he is Christian or Atheist. Dogs know his master’s quality by single article of utility. Whatever worlds animals may create from a dimension, of senses or something else, we have only a catch-all word: extra sensory perception. Does that make us any better in terms of utility?
As social animals if we have no clearcut notion as to utility of what use are we?

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 How far chance plays a role in the history of nations? Let me recall the story I had posted some time ago.


Blind Chance

Agastya, a householder from Tulu desam, who lived in the middle of two constantly fighting neighbors Ambu and Subbu, had enough of his life. He went to Kailas to meditate. He received in due course enlightenment and his mentor asked him to choose a gift. He chose a deity in gold as large as a man’s palm.

“Chance it is called.” The mentor commented.

“It is a good gift to make my going back to my folks worth remembering.” Before he reached his home he came along a river where one man was about to make a hole in the river. “Don’t,” Agastya ran up to him. “It is chance which brought me to save you.” To his great surprise he was Subbu, his neighbor.

Yogi Agastya gave him his image and said,” Remember Chance has saved you.” Not long after Subbu went on a journey and he carried his image for his protection. While passing through a forest he was waylaid by robbers and was killed for the gold he carried.

As soon as news reached his home Ambu the other neighbor went to the Yogi and fell at his feet and said “Chance which you brought was for my rescue. Was it not?”

Chance has to be explained in terms of total interaction of life-forms. Certainty is settled by actions. Certainy of any ony one set of events in turn is on its own and must take its chance with others. History as with individual plays with larger groups and on a wider scale but the principle is always the same.



In Cosmos certainty of any action creates its own chains of events which create chance for a new player. Thus the war on terror in 2003 deposed Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Consequences of US intervention seems to have strengthened the hegemony of Shi’ia faction in the Middle East. So the Sunni faction whips up an opposition to cut the role of Iran in the region. Syria’s ability to withstand the opposition is a proof of Iran’s growing clout in the region. In a 4-D world of certainty chance is in the flattened down 3-D version of reality.












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 Proof of the pudding is in eating. Can a cook escape blame by serving mush instead of pudding? But the way we go about it we might as well ask what is wrong with us? 

We are humans and we are short on truth but infinite in our intentions. You ask the politicians who are caught with unaccounted money stuffed under the mattress and in Swiss accounts, off-shore accounts or with the mob. What will be their excuse? Will they own up they are swindlers? No they would  come up with excuses. Surely they will have them ready. They might say they are holding  up all the money to spend on the weal of people. You ask the fellow who is on the death row for killing. He is sure to say, ‘Pulling the trigger was a mistake. While my finger pulled I had a black-out and I was thinking of having dinner with my family.

Such are our prophets who speak of ‘ self purification’  but those who think they are the best interpreters of the prophet might translate it as ‘waging a war or *Jihad. Intentions are blind and cannot be taken as the real thing.

Our truth being such suspect do we connect it with what is knowable, quantifiable and what is workable? If God is truth and we cannot define God as he is, would it not be better to err on the safe side? I think it would be more practical to say,” Truth is what we make of from what we express best without fear and express naturally. From such we may trace origin of society, politics and our economic growth. In such free exchange of give and take truth must remain as a value everyone can subscribe to. Where there is freedom man thinks as well as do as free men. But what if our thinking has been compromised what shall be ?

As the twig is bent so is the tree. Man who has been subjected to unnatural influences shall learn to push the same ideas more twisted I must add, on whom they may impose upon. I can cite the case of Chas. Taze Russell.


Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916), American religious leader,


There are prophets self- appointed and those who think God set them up for a special mission. Under which category Charles Taze Russell belongs you may decide for yourself.

Prophets no matter what message they carry, begin in the household earthly parents. They show their upbringing no matter how bizarre or luminous their messages might be.

Russell began helping his father who had a chain of clothing stores. Naturally a man born to affluence and of his mercantile class would know how far one dollar would go. In 1911 the Brooklyn Eagle charged the “Pastor” with profiteering in the church’s sale of “miracle wheat” to members, who were told it would produce fantastic yields. Once touched by filthy lucre it is not difficult to see what motivates these self appointed prophets. They may claim a church of faithful adherents but the heart is in the money-box. Naturally he also founded a sect, known as Russellites or Millennial Dawnists, which provided the nucleus for the Jehovah’s Witnesses sect.

As for the quality of a prophet’s message is inescapably enmeshed with his or her early upbringing. Russell’s parents awed him at an early age with grim tales of hellfire and damnation. While helping his father build the family’s chain of clothing stores, Russell began to question the validity of including the concept of eternal damnation in Christian dogma. Bible study, fascination with the Millerite, or Adventist, movement, and his own inability to reconcile hell with the Christian concept of mercy caused him to develop a personal theology, which he began to teach others. Russell believed that Christ’s Second Coming might be invisible. When others were disappointed because Christ’s much-predicted advent did not seem to occur in 1874, Russell always had an answer. Did God put it there we may never know. Only that he had a ready answer. Russell believed it had happened invisibly, and he wrote The Object and Manner of Our Lord’s Returning.

We carry the burden of truth in our intentions but our tongue runs away with lies since these make way open for us. This seems to be the case of all human enterprises  be it religion, politics or in finance.
*Jihad means “to struggle in the way of Allah”. Jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of God (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)”.[wikipedia]


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If we are made of atoms that have inherent quirks and quiddities it must also show in some unmistakable manner when made as complex as human beings. What is the nature of atoms? You smash atoms into fundamental particles but you try dividing them further you get more of the same. Can it be a moral quotient to give us a place in the scheme of things? We are connected to all things at the level of atoms where quiddity of nature has written its moral imperative consistently throughout. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where we must fit with all mankind. In terms of a physical dimension it may not be possible. Yet in terms of moral sense we are painted with the same brush. You destroy one area and you are breaking the moral order of universe in some manner of speaking. Its consequences, (I deliberately avoid the term ‘sin’ for its theological connotations) must leave its impact in some manner. For example, you exploit nations and the lawlessness of it, call it imperialism, leaves its mark on you. Africa was formerly the white man’s burden and Africa has still not recovered from it. While the west exploited the Arab merchants were carrying on slave trade in the heartland of the continent ,converting the natives and throwing down the genuine and natural form of their culture to suit their form of religious requirements. If Africa is reeling under the fresh onslaught of these Arab imperialism the west paved the way. Moral sense when outraged as Africa has experienced it must express itself in some manner. It may be that in not so distant future Arab fundamentalism will be pitted against the west from this part of the globe.

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The human body has about 1,000 kinds of receptors, structures on the surface of cells, which let the body respond to a wide variety of chemical signals, like adrenaline. Some receptors are in the nose, tongue and eyes, and let us sense smells, tastes and light.
“They work as a gateway to the cell,” Robert Lefkowitz told a news conference in Stockholm by phone. “As a result they are crucial … to regulate almost every known physiological process with humans.”
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said it was long a mystery how cells interact with their environment and adapt to new situations, such as when they react to adrenaline by increasing blood pressure and making the heart beat faster.
Scientists suspected that cell surfaces had some type of receptor for hormones.
Using radioactivity, Robert Lefkowitz managed to unveil receptors including the receptor for adrenaline, and started to understand how it works.
Brian Kobilka and his team realized that there is a whole family of receptors that look alike — a family that is now called G-protein-coupled receptors.
In 2011,Brian Kobilka achieved another breakthrough when his team captured an image of the receptor for adrenaline at the moment when it is activated by a hormone and sends a signal into the cell. The academy called the image “a molecular masterpiece.”
Mark Downs, chief executive of Britain’s Society of Biology, said the critical role receptors play is now taking for granted.
“This groundbreaking work spanning genetics and biochemistry has laid the basis for much of our understanding of modern pharmacology as well as how cells in different parts of living organisms can react differently to external stimulation, such as light and smell, or the internal systems which control our bodies such as hormones,” Downs said in a statement.(AP news of Oct,10,2012/Karl Ritter,Louise Nordstrom)
For scientists creating new drugs this breakthrough holds tremendous interest. For a moral philosopher it may be in the manner cells react to external stimulation. Think of each individual as a cell. Cannot individuals like cells react to moral imperatives of Truth which is in an abstract plane? Biological imperatives of reproduction,- propagation of one’s kind, has an abstract counterpart in love. Truth loves its own kind and would see it accepted as natural as one breathes the air or winds down after a day’s work.
Each chromosome has its genetic material and so has a moral being the requirements of truth.

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