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The Power of Fake News ©

‘Twas not the best of news, but came ringing

It was plain mudslinging

Through Bannon’s Breitbart source:

Look how ‘Bama threw his force,

He had this wiretapping

He was for dirt hoping!

Happy, happy, happy few!
None but the sleaze,
None but the sleaze,
Alternate facts Oh fake news is nothing new!


Where they go for news one cannot tell

Such fake news are from hell:

Take dem from horses’s mouth

Or from wire north or south.

A swamp they sure make of Capitol Hill

Happy, happy, happy few!

None but the sleaze,
None but the sleaze,
Alternate facts Oh fake news is nothing new!



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Sonnet XVIII- To the White House

Shall I compare thee to a home from home
To which one moves in and leaves at the end?
Fame and fortune meet alike in a home

As stately home the White House do mend

Sometimes the pride of mien (in guests has charm)
But four years too long to keep their charade,

And are impeach’d or booted out at end of term;
And wise or fair in their stature surely degrade,
By chance, or people want change for change sake-
But thy pillars stand firm, You have seen it all

White House the Event for those who would make
To be seen, or led round though it were a ball.

So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

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Day Watch -not by Rembrandt

img_3407It took Rembrandt one year or even more but we knocked it off in two weeks. On the left I added a boy eating nieuwe haring‘ and a young boy rushing with a plucked chicken.  Well given  time and chance I could have added more whimsies. Rembrandt must be turning in his grave.  -b

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work in progress. I am busy with Captain Banning Cocq. Each figure was meant to illustrate a local worthy in period costume.

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Day Watch not by Rembrandt-1


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My heart wakes to a nauseating sound:

My eyes as though from some shock electric

Reacting cannot but stare at him in front

Crouching, Oh it’s my hound Patrick;

‘Tis not like tabbycat with his mice

A share from spoils of his field chase

He lays at my feet,- Patrick has his way

To bulldoze my reverie and get away;

Why fawning tongue work all over me

As though its glad oil has charm

O’er the most supine master into alacrity?

What freezes my blood is sepsis, its harm

Shall outpace your fidelity, Patrick

I shall throw this ball and wish it gone

And chasing it to hell that is a trick

I wish you had taken up-Begone!



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Cincinnatti Blues ©


She is watching by her high fence,

Harambe, with deep, deep blue eyes

She is sporting a tinted glass, all blue:

‘Keep a big ape, have free laff

It brings gawks who will pay your bill’.

Cincinnati! Cincinnatti!

How is it, that you let go

Harambe poor big ape?


Apes aren’t common as fruits on flatfeet:

Cops are apt to play to the crowd

Than see who is on the right;

Cincinnati! Cincinnatti!

How is it, that you let go

Harambe poor big ape?

No small thanks you let her keep the goggle

A fair exchange for the lead that tore her heart!


Note: Harambe is a male gorilla but could his life have been saved? Life is a life; Gorilla is a gorilla but the million dollar question is this: is life of gorilla of less value than divisive vituperative enemy to peace, Trump?  The gawks who scream to high heavens now want the poor mother lose her job! What hypocrisy!

A four year kid as usual is the case, knows how to strike for freedom, escaping the tight leash of his parent; This freedom in this case brought into a close encounter with a Gorilla in its cramped confines of the zoo.  All would have ended well if the crowd  behaved well. They wanted their money worth of excitement, and is as much culprit as the officer who took him down with a single bullet. The bystanders sent gentle Harambe in panic. How come nobody thinks he or she is equally at fault?-b




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