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Parental neglect

Sets for their offspring to meet

whirlwind of abuse.


Dexit from duty

Shall hit parents hardest than

Brexit for the Brit


Reports of sexual assaults by children on other children are rising, according to police figures seen by BBC Panorama.


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No refill for me

This round I must forgo; You say

Tarry. But what for?


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Haiku: NFL

Cannot NFL

be place for protest to God

Who made all equal?


Mike Pence has walked out of a National Football League (NFL) game after several players refused to stand for the US national anthem.Mr Pence said he could not be present at an event that “disrespects our soldiers, our flag” after abandoning the game in his home state of Indiana. What disrespect is to leave vets in a cardboard box panhandling and man treated as dirt for his color?

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Arrow of time points

While chevron of geese flies south-

Is it time for me?


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Religion of peace:

We recite the Word and fill

All the three with blood.


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We want sauce chant they

Peace is castor oil to taste;

Silliness is us.


Background info: A McDonald’s PR stunt to bring back a rare dipping sauce left thousands of fans disappointed and police called to some US restaurants on Saturday.

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One motive is enow:

Paddock hated all concerts,

With bump-stocks he rocked.


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