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Chinese scientists say they have “teleported” a photon particle from the ground to a satellite orbiting 1,400km (870 miles) away.

How does it work?

Simply put, teleportation is transmitting the state of a thing rather than sending the thing itself.

Some physicists give the example of a fax machine – it sends information about the marks on a piece of paper rather than the paper itself. The receiving fax machine gets the information and applies it to raw material in the form of paper that is already there.

When we read a novel we are making sense of what words of the author convey than actually see the word transform into the author’s mind. The mind may have chosen certain patterns of words since it adds to the emotional sense he wants to create. Personality of the author has already chosen them for him. The man who reads the novel has his own say in the matter, and accordingly rather than reading words rigorously (with regards to the author’s personal preferences and rationale in shaping the narrative) he makes sense of the literary space he is comfortable with.

Our mind acts somewhat like receiving fax machine makes sense of what we read. While in India my understanding of Bret Harte and Jack London stories held a certain vagueness. For a dude having lived in the kind of milieu and climate how he will make of it naturally would be closer to the real thing.

The Bible is written by inspiration of God. Inspiration of God is not lost but words in the Scripture in transmission can be misunderstood or make weak impression. The reader of the Bible requires the self-same inspiration in order to change his scepticism. His mind-set is often shaped by his cultural background and unbelieving society.

Marginalia in 2 vol. A concise guide to the Bible

Author: Benny Thomas, the Netherlands

Tags: inerrancy, sound doctrines, Faith,



Vol.1 148 pages  priced $7.00

Vol-2  265 pages   $14.25

e-books/kindle available

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First some facts as on 2012 : according to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary  there exist roughly 43,000 Christian denominations worldwide in 2012. That is up from 500 in 1800 and 39,000 in 2008 and this number is expected to grow to 55,000 by 2025. It also estimates that a new Christian denomination is formed every 10.5 hours, or 2.3 denominations a day. (Ack: churchrelevance.com).

With such denominations mushrooming we need understand that the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is drawing nearer. So at every nook and corner of the globe assemblies of believers are engaged in planting churches and preaching the word of God. So let us take a charitable view of these local assemblies are the work-shops in which ministers of God winning souls for the Redeemer Lord. None of these is the Church or Bride but artisans of God doing their best.  We should not certainly forget they do yeoman service not only engaged in saving souls but also fighting insidious force of heresies. Our Lord Jesus predicted of such false prophets who would come as wolves in sheep’s clothes. Marginalia is a guide for those who who shall know the truth. Truth shall surely make children of God free. Marginalia is my service and I believe God has given a ministry to serve the Word to His glory.

Whatever revelations my book contain as such I claim nothing of my own but how the Holy Spirit revealed on daily basis to buttress the inerrancy of the Word with what grace He has poured into my life. It took three full months to write the initial draft and another one year to make it to the present shape.

I shall post the blurb I have added to the book.

“Christianity has been bedevilled by controversies from the Apostolic Age to the present. Among the early converts those who came from Judaism favoured an interpretation that sat well with their Jewish upbringing.  It was like putting the new religion in old wine skins so to speak. The world ecumenism of our own times would have the person and deity of Jesus pass the test of sceptic and believer alike. Either way it is less than the Word made flesh. One cannot photoshop Jesus Christ to please all. The aim of this book is to present him of whom we read as thus ‘ it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell (Col.1:19)’.

This concise guide to the Bible is presented from two standpoints of God the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit has set these two as single narrative where the Will or Intent of God is shown as coming from the Son since he is the Image of the ‘Invisible God(Col.1:15)’

Coherence in the Scripture is the work of God the Spirit and maintained so the Son of man ‘is before all things and by him all things consist’.  Adam is thus an antitype of Jesus who is qualified as the last Adam. He is the spiritual rock; and bread from heaven. The entire scriptural unity testifies this: the Bible is from God to man.

In short Marginalia: a concise guide to the Bible favours a faith based approach to understand the word of God. Faith as St Paul says comes from ‘hearing by the word of God (Ro.10:17).” ”



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A schematic representation to denote the end times

The wheel within a wheel in its working indicates a globe.

The earth has to be redeemed first and this shall be known the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ . His kingdom on the earth merging with that of God is signified by the vision. He shall usher the new earth and the heavens. Nations of them which are saved …bring their glory and honor to it (Re.21:24) .nations of the earth are represented  by the living creatures. The Number 4 always denote God’s agency for example as the 4 carpenters in the book of Zachariah(1:21-22).

Jesus Christ is the last Adam and he is indicated by the Man among the four creatures. ‘When he ascended up on high…and gave gifts unto men( Ep.4:8, Ps.68:18). The first Adam by disobedience brought curse and the last Adam brings a remnant of all nations to glory. (for further reading check out Guide to His Word-Ezekiel: Vision by the River Chebar)


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Re.5:vs.4 ‘And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. And one of the elders said unto me,: Weep not! Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David hath prevailed to open the book and loose the seven seals thereof.”


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I am busy with an illustration from the book of Revelation (Chapter-5) The Lamb slain before the foundation and the book with seven seals. I love having a lot of grays at hand. I have the whole composition in my head; by tomorrow I hope to finish the work.

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“And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud…And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it up, and it was in my mouth sweet as honey; and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter…(Re.10:1-11)

9″x11.5” Montval 90 lb.artpaper


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In the Creation Account the Holy Spirit annotates a day as a kangaroo word. It is a certain period as well as a sign.

Principle of Association makes the office of God the Father set off God the Son simultaneously so the scriptural verity is established. Jesus announced: I and my Father are one.(Jn.10:30) Let us examine the opening verse ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God’(Jn.1:1). In these two verses we notice a telltale pattern establishing truth of one heightening the significance of the other in the same event. Thus when God called the light Day it adds to the significance of day: quality of light. Thus when Jesus says ‘I am the light of the world(Jn.8:12) we can infer God’s creation made the nature of the Son more vivid. The Word as the gospel makes out which are children of light and of darkness.

In the gospel of John the above-mentioned quote comes about judgment. Jesus prefaces it by telling the woman taken in adultery, ‘Neither do I condemn thee.’ God the Father wills the lights in the firmament to separate day from the night (Ge.1:14) it is also a commentary on the nature of God the Son. Jesus as the light of the world. Jesus in dealing with the woman caught in the act reveals the nature of God the Father. He is God of all mercies.(2 Cor.1:3) God the spirit who also was present at the time of Creation reconciles the Will of God and God the Son who demonstrates as the Son of man the very nature of his Father.

The Spirit of God sets light as a type, Day therefore needs to be seen and understood as a sign, a quality of God the Son for God the Father. Consequently when we discuss Day as duration of time say for example as of 24 hours it is a kangaroo word for Time. The eternal God is omnipresent and omnipotent. But as image of the Invisible God Jesus demonstrated Mercy of God when he let go the woman taken in adultery with admonition: ‘..sin no more.(Jn8:11)

In another post I shall discuss Day of the Lord.

Here we see the manner God the Spirit integrates the simultaneous creative acts of God the Father and of the Son. Thus time frame has its top end of Time. It is of this apostle Peter refers in his epistle thus: ‘..that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.(2Pe.3:8). More significant is what this verse leading us to. He warns the Day of the Lord shall be as thief in the night(vs.10)

The day is not merely a duration of time but also a sign. Thus two-in-one problem in a nutshell can be stated thus:

The Triune God’s presence made the Bible inerrant in which the Will (Thought) is of God the Father. God the Son as Word sets divine Will in operation and God the Spirit reconciles both in a mode where the two-in-one problem is solved.


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