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By 27 June my book Marginalia shall be available for Kindle, Google Play Apple iBooks Kobo,Barnes&Noble Bibliotheca etc., It is priced at $3.99

Marginalia is in two volumes. It is a concise guide to the Bible.The first volume has 112 pages.

The cover shows the vision of the Woman Clothed with the Sun from the Book of Revelation (chapter12).

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In the Creation Account the Holy Spirit annotates a day as a kangaroo word. It is a certain period as well as a sign.

Principle of Association makes the office of God the Father set off God the Son simultaneously so the scriptural verity is established. Jesus announced: I and my Father are one.(Jn.10:30) Let us examine the opening verse ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God’(Jn.1:1). In these two verses we notice a telltale pattern establishing truth of one heightening the significance of the other in the same event. Thus when God called the light Day it adds to the significance of day: quality of light. Thus when Jesus says ‘I am the light of the world(Jn.8:12) we can infer God’s creation made the nature of the Son more vivid. The Word as the gospel makes out which are children of light and of darkness.

In the gospel of John the above-mentioned quote comes about judgment. Jesus prefaces it by telling the woman taken in adultery, ‘Neither do I condemn thee.’ God the Father wills the lights in the firmament to separate day from the night (Ge.1:14) it is also a commentary on the nature of God the Son. Jesus as the light of the world. Jesus in dealing with the woman caught in the act reveals the nature of God the Father. He is God of all mercies.(2 Cor.1:3) God the spirit who also was present at the time of Creation reconciles the Will of God and God the Son who demonstrates as the Son of man the very nature of his Father.

The Spirit of God sets light as a type, Day therefore needs to be seen and understood as a sign, a quality of God the Son for God the Father. Consequently when we discuss Day as duration of time say for example as of 24 hours it is a kangaroo word for Time. The eternal God is omnipresent and omnipotent. But as image of the Invisible God Jesus demonstrated Mercy of God when he let go the woman taken in adultery with admonition: ‘..sin no more.(Jn8:11)

In another post I shall discuss Day of the Lord.

Here we see the manner God the Spirit integrates the simultaneous creative acts of God the Father and of the Son. Thus time frame has its top end of Time. It is of this apostle Peter refers in his epistle thus: ‘..that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.(2Pe.3:8). More significant is what this verse leading us to. He warns the Day of the Lord shall be as thief in the night(vs.10)

The day is not merely a duration of time but also a sign. Thus two-in-one problem in a nutshell can be stated thus:

The Triune God’s presence made the Bible inerrant in which the Will (Thought) is of God the Father. God the Son as Word sets divine Will in operation and God the Spirit reconciles both in a mode where the two-in-one problem is solved.


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I have been busy with a book which I am glad to say is finished. I do not intend to publish it my self but with a publisher. I cannot say any more than the book is a concise guide to the scriptures and squarely built up on the Word. I am happy with  three months  of concentrated effort. I shall be more happy if I can polish it further. After a week I hope to take up that part.

The book has 49500 words and for any one who wants to study the Bible on sound doctrinal principles it ought to serve the purpose.


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