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What is evolution but fine-tuning what is already existing, economically as well as for accommodating more possibilities? In the Persistence of life we had discussed the case of gold fishes. Their ability to survive is fine-tuning small gains over a prolonged period of time so second set of proteins are part of its ability to survive. During supernova debris of ISM is not lost to chance but serve for new stars that come into being after millennia.
When we speak of chaos one aspect is the question of probability inherent in it. Snow over the mountains settle down and there may be certain weak parts and a slight tremor could set off an avalanche. It creates chaos.  There is a butterfly effect as avalanche tumbles down so some villages on one side of the mount is completely inundated by snow while another village is spared from destruction. Probability is part of chaos. But the important aspect is the positive gains evolving out of it.

In the case of avalanche man may explain why one village is destroyed while the other is spared. Main point to remember is that total annihilation does not occur. If eruption of Thera causes a tsunami (around Santorini) and aftershocks destroy Minoan civilization what we see is the flowering of Mycenean civilization in the Greek mainland. There is an order worked out from chaos. Remember the myth of Minotaur and labyrinth? Its origin is from Crete. It is similar to neoclassicism in the USA derived from Roman architecture.Thus the old always rides in the baggage train of the New. The past is altered in the new. One might say there is a Mind or Order that keeps all events and allows man to benefit from experience according to circumstances of the time. Mind of man can interface with it. One might call it God or simply an Order.
Evolution explains time scale far greater than what we makes use for our needful things.

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Disk galaxies like our own Milky Way put the finishing touches on their stunning shapes relatively recently, a new study suggests.
The find will likely surprise many scientists, who had thought such galaxies had been static for more than half of the universe’s 13.7-billion-year existence.
“Astronomers thought disk galaxies in the nearby universe had settled into their present form by about eight billion years ago, with little additional development since,” lead author Susan Kassin, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., said in a statement. “The trend we’ve observed instead shows the opposite — that galaxies were steadily changing over this time period.”Kassin and her colleagues used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii to study 544 blue galaxies, whose color indicates that stars are forming within them.
They found that the most far-flung, ancient galaxies tend to be the most disordered, with organization steadily…

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Persistence of Life

In our inability to explain time properly we have deceived ourselves. Now You Know series address this point clearly. Evolution cannot make sense without it. In an earlier post Heart of evolution I had mentioned the example of gold fishes’ ability to survive prolonged winter conditions. It owes to the manner mitochondria and simple cells struck a deal with one another billion years ago. Ability of gold fish to avail second set of proteins so accumulating lactic acid can be converted into alcohol and removed through gills, relies on this original partnership. Evolution is of a far wider range than finite time which we make use of daily. Our dreams speak of timelessness. Death is a reality that only speak of our material circumstances.  Our relevance within that narrow window of time is nevertheless more enduring. Relevance of the nameless inventor of wheel is even this day is real. Ability of the past to make us see differently is what Turner, Van Gogh have shown us. When we a starry night we cannot help thinking van Gogh. His inability to sell as many painters of his time (who are now totally forgotten) tells only his material wealth. Most of us miss the point.

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Where does life of a man or woman begins? Birth is merely a point, a reference point, a milestone as death is. Influences of life from its parents have already made its own impressions even while it is still a foetus. A life is measured between birth and death as a way of convenience. But it misses the essentials, which are supplied by life. Stendhal in his own time had to put up with indifferent public and conspiracy of silence from literary critics of the day. Nevertheless he kept on with his writing of which a few perceptive minds, Honorè de Balzac was one, were enthusiastic about. Stendhal dedicated his ‘ The Charterhouse of Parma’ to these ‘ happy few,’. He also predicted that he would be read some 50 years hence which uncannily was proved true.
Oneness of things works on a different timescale than we hold. We have…

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Is Trump in office

synonym for disasters?

Flood, Fire,Blood make news



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“Rex, my IQ

Is better”-Yes a moron

With neon blue IQ.


Background info: US President Donald Trump has challenged his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to an IQ test, in the latest sign of discord between the two.

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Harvey made landfall:

Weinstein’s bathrobe came unstuck,-

Blow Over Harvey.



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Muhammad Shaheer Niazi 17 managed to produce an electric honeycomb: physicists have known the phenomenon of electric honeycomb for decades. It occurs when a layer of oil is placed in an electric field between a pointy electrode and a flat one – and the instability caused by the build up of ions applies pressure to the surface of the oil – creating a beautiful pattern that looks like a honeycomb, or a stained glass window.

The high school student from Pakistan’s city of Lahore managed to photograph the movement of ions that forms the honeycomb besides recording the heat found on the surface of oil. No one has done this before. According to Niazi, “Electric honeycomb perfectly demonstrates how everything in this universe is seeking equilibrium. Its hexagonal shape is the most stable structure.”

In this case, he says, two electrodes are used; a pointy needle on top of a flat surface with a thin layer of oil on it. High voltage from the needle makes ions bombard the surface of oil, on their way to meet the ground electrode.

“It is just like lightning striking the surface of earth,” he says. But oil is a non-conductor. The ions start accumulating on the surface of oil. As the pressure increases, they create a depression and manage to meet the ground electrode.

In the process the surface of oil loses its shape, something it does not want. So within no time, honeycomb-like hexagonal structures appear on the surface of oil.

“The amount of energy that goes in equals the energy that comes out and thus the flow of electricity is efficient. This way equilibrium is restored,”

What is the order? Nature has laws and these are established so each entity has a role and several interactions simultaneously taking place between atmosphere ocean and land create a system, carbon or oxygen cycle for example. Such equilibrium however is temporary. Exchange of energy from one medium to other similarly points out to something else.  Conservation of energy owes to the nature of energy that cannot be destroyed  or created. Thus when we speak of Order and nature serving it by so many laws we need understand there is a moral imperative implied. So many wars each waged to redress some perceived injustice  is how we explain the rationale of war. Even so the Order restoring justice in calling every individual to account is quite natural.(Ack: 


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No Comment-politics

Need I say what a mess, beautiful mess the new President is leaving around for the next ten presidents to live with? Only in the USA we get to see a monomaniac losing no time to traduce a former President for his color at every step of the way.

Then of course his bringing up his birther question reveals more about him than Obama whom the nation shall learn to appreciate sooner or later-benny


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With an anti-Obama movie taking the man on the street by storm this article would not come as a surprise. In the days before the elections strange things do happen. People behave just as expected them to behave. After all it is what is meant by ‘fair and free’ election.
To those who seem to be mad at President Obama,

would read this and reflect a moment, I can assure

you they would say:
“Hmmmmmmmmmm… YOU ARE RIGHT!!………”

Now, since President Obama’s regime, all of a sudden, folks have gotten mad, and want to take America Back…BACK TO WHAT/BACK TO WHERE is my question?

After The 8 Years Of The President Bush/ Vice President Cheney Disaster, Now You Get Mad?

You didn’t get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

You didn’t get mad when Vice President Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate…

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