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At a time the worlds were yet to be formed, the Sun and the Moon kept the house. One day the Sun said, “Woman you are hanging on my word all day. You keep the house while I go abroad to catch up with news. You cannot run on news of yesterday. I am the head of the family. So I set the order.” Lady Moon said, “If that is how you feel about, OK go ahead. But I am sure I wont like it”. Thus the Sun set out alone.

The Moon sat morosely wondering how to pass the time. She became bored.  All of a sudden an idea struck her. She leaned out and called, “Wind bring some news.” She had no idea what the wind was or what it could do, Just a thought, a wild fancy that she thought up. Hardly had she uttered her prayer, the wind came before her and said, “I am at your service, my lady”

“You travel far and wide. Have you something interesting to tell? ”

“I came through lands where everything is dry. A spark and the whole woodland went up in blaze.  At the end of the terrible wholesale destruction I had a pretty good idea why.”

Lady Moon asked why. The Wind was sure that the Sun was behind it. At the end he concluded, “He should not be allowed a free hand.” When asked if there was something that she could do the Wind said, ” I carry messages and pass on favours to the likes of you. The Sun holds a vast reservoir of water for no good reason. Release it.”

The Moon was surprised that she was keeping a home without knowing what all she had at her disposal. Asking him to wait she went inside and took a key from under the pillow of the Sun’s couch. ‘Here, take as much as you want.”

The Wind did as Lady Moon said.

Later when the Sun came back the Moon told what happened. The Sun was pleased. ” You did justly,” When she asked if she should get back all that water he said, “Oh no,” If we both are keeping the house equally water down or up is no problem.
Ever since the water remained down. (24 Jan.2020)

(Based on ‘Why the sun and the moon live in the sky.’)


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Pen drawings-frog

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Face on the Moon!


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Matthew Ch.11:3-21

In order to understand the parable let us first examine the nature of the sower. God the Son came to the world in order to fulfill the will of the Father. ‘Whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but everlasting life (Jn.3:16)’. So Jesus Christ is an apostle sent from heaven. He is also the logos aspect of God (Jn.1:1) He is the Word made flesh. We shall do well to focus the humanity of God as the message. He is the sower. He cast his seeds not meant for a few or for any particular nation but to the whole world. The word of the kingdom was for “who hath ears to hear, let him hear (v.9).”
Principle of Association existing in the Father-Son relationship would work if man sought it as necessary to be included. Seek and you shall find. It is not nature but the heart. So falling by the wayside or thorns are not features of the soil but state of the heart is what we need understand. Consequently how one prepares the ground to receive message is what the parable aims at. Make your calling and election sure. So it is vital that every hearer searches his own heart,- and it is humble and contrite, so he dd not hear it in vain.
Another point useful to remember is this: the world is his field. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. (Jn.1:11).
The sower as sent to fulfill his task went his round sowing. The grains did not fall at the same place. Some seed fell on wayside but the fowls came and devoured them. The use of fowl in this parable serves a different purpose than in the parable of the mustard seed. That is why Jesus speaks about understanding what one hears. Wayside is no man’s land but a passage: mind is like a thoroughfare and thoughts flit and float carrying one after the other. On the earth we are all passing through and understanding means therefore a conscious effort to examine what is heard and place it where it rightly belongs. The people of Berea were honorable so they did not hear St Paul simply but checked its veracity in the light of the scriptures(Ac.17:11).
Parables are the means to separate the casual and those who are really seekers of truth. Fear of the Lord is the beginning wisdom. “Blessed is the man that heareth me…whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall find favor of the Lord (Pro.8:14-15).”

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Candide is for all ages. His story could well be the story of an immigrant going to the west imagining the goodness of man. As professed by the doctor, the church and the politician, their institutions are altogether different from what really faces him at every turn. Rascality of man is only demonstrable when called to a given situation. Let us see how far I can go on with Candide and as I believe, no one shall tell how unless one really gets down to it. So I shall in the coming weeks post as and when I get the artwork and story get moving.

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The Wow-Wow Tales is a collection of tales, 84 of them, quite a number of them new and never published before makes this very special for me. There are some 41 illustrations also made for this edition. Pages: 228

The paperback version is released through createspace.com.

There are two editions one is in black and white. The Plain Wow-Wow Tales is priced at $16 and the one with color and b&w illustrations at $46.

I shall give an excerpt from the Introduction:

When elephants gather it is news. That was how with Wow-Wow, the elephant.

Wherever he went he was in the news. As a baby he strayed from his herd and it made news. Now he was back some hundred years old if not more, he still wowed them.

Coming home was not so much as telling all the stories he knew.

So when the Mayor Oddlegs, after introduction cleared the field for him he began, ‘I have so much to tell but I shall begin with two friends who are not here.’

While his audience stirred he said, ‘In Bolivia, I think it was, a parrot became my boon companion. Except that he wasn’t there whenever I wanted to make a conversation.’ A hubbub. The elephants did not care much for asides. ‘Come to the point, Wow-Wow’, said they all.

‘The parrot was not seen but he heard just the same. In fact he retold all my stories verbatim. Now memory is not what it was. If it weren’t for his knack I would not have known how to amuse you.’

‘Then there was a mouse, the like of which you shall never see, and he could chew into anything or make holes. Whenever I laid my hand on my cheese I knew my friend was already at it.’ Wow-Wow chuckled at this point. ‘While I was in service of the King of Siam, the royal treasury was soon emptied. The king looked high and he looked low. What did he see? My friend the mouse had made a hole in the royal chest and decamped with the goods. Oh that was nasty! I got the blame. When the charges were read to me I went white. Literally! I lost my position but found direction in life. I am home.’

The elephants at the point trumpeted their satisfaction. The Mayor said in appreciation, ‘You came back anyway, white or not’. The herd would have tittered more but the volcano in the background belched. It didn’t do any damage except in the sound and fury of an eruption. Before the startled elephants a parrot flew in. Wow-Wow was delighted. ‘At last you are seen.’

His former companion equally delighted to add, ‘And I heard you out there.’ A squeak, and there was his other companion! The beasts looked at the sorry looking mouse. His whiskers were gone and his tail still smouldering. Oh he looked terrible! He jumped into the arms of Wow-Wow. He said, ‘Don’t speak! You are looking at a friend who made a hole through a hill with the mightiest bellyache. I walked o’er hot coals for you.’ The scamp squeaked, ‘What are friends for!’

Wow-Wow felt his life was coming to him. He had his friends back. Now he could tell all…”



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